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Read about types of outdoor glass lights and lighting exterior.

Outdoor Glass Lights

There are several ways to make your house look attractive. One of the ways is to accessorize it. This also includes accessorizing your home exteriors. Lighting is a simple yet great form of outdoor decor. Outdoor lighting can not only enhance the looks of your home exteriors but also make your garden much more attractive than usual, especially in the night. If you want to make your abode look like heaven, you will need to find the exterior lighting carefully so that you choose the perfect one for your house. However, before you even begin choosing the lightings for your exteriors, you will have to consider several things so that you may reap the best out of your choices. Glass lights outside the house never fail to steal the show. Several varieties of glass are used to make different kinds of outdoor lights. Even the appearance of your home exteriors can change depending on the type of the glass used. So, read on to know about a few types of glass that can be used for outdoor lighting and for some tips before lighting your home exteriors.

Types Of Glass For Outdoor Lights
  • Blowing the glass around a mold and then passing it through an optic box creates a hammered look in hammered glass. Sandblasting can help get the same effect.
  • When air bubbles or particles are trapped in glass it is called seedy glass. This glass diffuses light in a beautiful manner.
  • Once the glass is molded, it is passed through rollers and the effect created on hardened glass is like waves. This is called water glass.
  • 'Tiffany-Style' or 'Mission-Style Glass' is colored glass that comes in different attractive patterns. This glass can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Alabaster glass is molded to look like alabaster marble. As a result the light is diffused and dim, creating an ambience that is simple and beautiful.
  • Glass that is either coated or sandblasted is called frosted glass. This is commonly used in modern fixtures. When this glass is used, it produces light in a large amount. It can look extremely radiating.
Before Lighting Your Exteriors
  • Firstly, you will need to know the real intention behind installing exterior lighting around your house, because there are several varieties of exterior glass lights available. For instance, you might want to use exterior lighting for safety purposes; you may also want to make the garden brighter in order to prevent intruders from breaking into your house. Alternatively, you can simply install this kind of lighting because you may want to have a great view at your lush garden. You can use lighting to make your garden look its best, for a night of partying.
  • Secondly, consider the amount of electric power that will go into lighting your exteriors. You will certainly be using several lights for a great look, but this will consume a lot of power. Even if you are using lights for safety purposes, there's no point in using just one or two; you will need many more.
  • Thirdly, you will need to consider the design, style and model while choosing exterior lights. Outdoor lighting is certainly one of the most important decorations for your house. The design, style and model of the lights you use have the ability to make your exterior home decor perfect. Just make sure you choose exterior lighting that is in sync with the theme of your house.
  • Fourthly, you will need to decide on the arrangement of the lights; you need to ensure that the lights are used optimally for best effect. If you are familiar with the best spots outdoors, you can decide on lighting arrangements easily.
Keeping in mind the above tips, light up your outdoors and add splendor to it. You can then easily impress your neighbors every single night!