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Home Security Tips

The connotation of safety and comfort is very idealistically attached to the term "Home". We consider our homes to be the safest of all places, a place where we are secured, where we can relax and do what we feel like. This idealistic connotation attached to homes is under threat in today's materialistic and fast developing world. With increasing crime rates and advanced technology, even our otherwise secure houses seem vulnerable to almost anything. No number of locks and modern security mechanisms can seem to be enough to provide security to your loved ones valuable items in your house. If the technology has something new to offer in terms of security, burglars and intruders come up with new tricks to con the system. Therefore, your duty as a house owner does not end by installing electronic devices like security systems, alarms, cameras, etc. You hold a greater responsibility to come up with new innovative and more reliable ideas to secure both the people in your house and valuable items. These home security tips may help enhance your thought processes and help you come up with a unbeatable security plan for your house.
  • Get new, modern security alarm systems installed in your home. These security alarms will help you catch an intruder, thereby assuring you peace of mind. These alarm systems are expensive and everyone might not be able to get one for their house.
  • Get all your house doors and windows checked to know whether they are hollow or not. Hollow doors are easy to break and permits undetectable entry into the house. Replace any hollow door or window in your house in order to prevent any such intrusion.
  • All the sliding doors and windows in your house should be secured with a quality locking mechanism. In order to increase the strength of the locking mechanism, place a steel pole in the sliding track. This will avoid any forceful entry from the sliding door or window.
  • Your house should not be a storehouse of objects that serve as a secure hiding place for burglars. It is important for you to clear any such object from your house to avoid anyone from taking advantage of the same.
  • Make it a point to providing ample lighting fixtures for your house outdoors. Well lit outdoors will ensure security since it will help you keep better track of activities outside.
  • Securing all your doors and windows with a lock is one thing and maintaining them and ensuring that they are under good working condition is another thing. Make it a point to check to see if all your locks are in good working condition.
  • You can get glass doors installed thinking that they will enhance the beauty of your house decor, but glass doors are not safe from a security point of view. Replace all the glass doors in your house with wooden or metal doors. You can also get glass-break detectors installed to track any intrusion through these doors.
  • Pad locks are the most common of all locks used to secure doors. However, pad locks also act as a signal for the intruder conveying that the owners are away. To avoid any intrusion, make use of quality hidden locks for your main door. Hidden locks are difficult to break.
  • Another safety measure that you can take is to install door viewers for the outer door of your house. This way you will be able to see the person who is at the door.
  • You can also get collapsible doors installed at you home to enhance the security. Collapsible doors will make it possible for you to see and speak to strangers without allowing them inside. Sometimes intruders approach you as disguised postmen or salesmen, having a locked collapsible door will save you from such intruders.