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Read about fire safety in the kitchen, home cooking safety and kitchen safety tip.

Fire Safety In Kitchen

We take as many precautions as we can to make every room in the house as safe as possible. But special precautions must be taken in the kitchen. Most accidents that happen at home take place in the kitchen. Therefore adequate measures must be taken for kitchen safety. Since electrical appliances and cooking gas are used in the kitchen, fire safety precautions are a must. All members of the family must follow kitchen safety measures carefully, especially while cooking in the kitchen. Following these safety measures might save your life in an emergency. Here are a few kitchen safety tips, for fire safety while using cooking gas.
  • Once you have completed cooking, make sure that you have turned off the stove and other appliances in the kitchen. Especially so before you lock the house and leave.
  • LPG or cooking gas is actually a colorless, odorless gas. An artificial odor is added to the gas, so that the consumer can smell it, in case of a leak and take appropriate measures to seal the leak. Smell cooking gas and learn the smell, so that you can identify a gas leak if one occurs.
  • Do not repair gas appliances by yourself. Get a profession to repair it.
  • Take the lighter in one hand and then ignite the stove, instead of, opening the knob completely and then igniting.
  • Get all gas appliances serviced regularly.
  • Get a professional to install your gas appliance.
  • Do not tamper with the safety valves for any reason.
  • Turn off the gas cylinder before you leave your home and before you go to bed each night.
  • Use gas appliances that are approved and are of good quality. Ensure that all the parts have proper certification.
  • If you smell gas in the kitchen, when the stove in not in use, turn off the cylinder/regulator immediately. This will cut off the gas supply and an accident may be averted. Open all windows and doors of the kitchen, so that there is adequate air supply. Do not turn on any electrical appliance in the kitchen at this time.