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Internship programs in China are in demand. Learn more about international internships and student work abroad options in China.

Internship Programs In China

China has one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back to almost 3,500 years ago. This country of geographical and cultural separations is reputed all over the world in terms of travel, cuisines and internship programs. Foreign as well as international organizations have contributed in the aid for education in China. Some of them are UNESCo, The Children Foundation of UN, Population Foundation UN and World Bank. To take up this form of training in China and be a part of the academic system is sure to grant you a wonderful experience. If you are determined in doing an internship here then you also have the advantage of gaining credits for the projects and assignments that you perform. An internship program is a great way of polishing your professional career amongst a dynamic, supreme and optimistic group of population. Read below for an idea on international internship programs in different parts of China.

International Internships In China

China Internship Program Introduction, Beijing
This particular training course highlights its uniqueness by providing a 'Paid Business Internship Program'. Foreign participants are eligible to work in dynamic environments in the capital city of Beijing. It also provides a good opportunity for interns to get placed in top firms that provide a working class model to candidates. While doing internship projects, it is possible to learn the complex 'Guanxi' in Chinese business relations, the local culture and plenty of management related practical situations. The amount of stipend received differs depending on the company and position. Fields covered under this are:
  • Art Gallery
  • Business Administration
  • Consulting, Research
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Media, Communication
  • Real Estate
Shanghai Modern Culture And Technology Training Centre, Shanghai
Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee (a non-Government educational organization), this training centre aims to promote exchange and understanding in several field of academics. By undertaking the 'Internship Program In China' project, international students can emerge as qualified and technically sound individuals. The program typically consists of:
  • Professional Internship - The candidate engages with Chinese enterprises and corporations to develop an in depth understanding of development.
  • Foreign Language Teaching Internship – International students are allowed to teach English or other foreign languages in educational institutions at all levels of schooling.
CRCC Asia, Beijing
This training program lasts about a month and could range from social, cultural and business related topics. Here, students learn how to utilize their skills and connect them with the already established knowledge. This leads to great employment opportunities for international students. CRCC Asia provides tangible options for a better outlook in facing the Chinese market. They offer an extensive list of sectors such as:
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Green Technology
  • Law
  • Marketing and PR
  • Travel
  • Technology
IFRE's Internship Program, Xi'an
This program is more than just attaining professional heights; it also involves volunteering activities in developing countries. This way, students learn about local issues and the culture by gaining a first-hand experience. IFRE offers customized and unique opportunities to students with good academic backgrounds. Internship programs are offered in the fields of:
  • Medical
  • NGo
  • Teaching
College of Brockport (SUNY), Beijing
This is collaboration between SUNY Brockport and EducAsian, which are operating programs in China for the past 10 years. The schedule of their training program is of 15 weeks, 13 of which are spent in Beijing (one week for lecture accompanied by field trips in Shanghai and Hong Kong). The remaining weeks include participants being placed in companies related to their field of training. Some of them are:
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Journalism
  • Investment
Student Work Abroad options In China
There are various job oriented internships available such as Accounting, Arts/Fine Arts, Business Administration and Computer Science etc. providing ample employment opportunities for foreign students in China.

opting for an internship in China broadens you horizons. Enriched with a great history, modernization and numerous employment opportunities, China is probably one of the best places to pursue your studies/work in!