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A PhD in China is considered among the best. Know more about Doctorate research programs in Chinese universities and Doctorate in Philosophy Degree in China.

PhD In China

With the growing needs and demands of education in the present day society, the requirements from both local and international students have been increased. Higher education is being sought after in large numbers and China stands among the top when it comes to catering to foreign nationals. Before enrolling into a Ph.D. program, students complete their Bachelor's and Master's Degree to acquaint themselves with their interests. Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. in Greek means 'love of wisdom'. once the research work and thesis is complete, a candidate will be awarded with a doctorate. In some universities, coursework of 2-3 years is also required along with main curriculum. Candidates take up this degree so that they can contribute towards growth of the society and progress in their personal development. Read on to learn more about eligibility and disciplines offering PhDs in China.

Doctorate Research Programs In Chinese Universities

Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must possess a formal Master's Degree from a recognized institution in their country.
  • They must appear for entrance exams recognized by the Chinese Government and also satisfy the university's requirements on fitness related to pursuing the program.
  • Students must demonstrate an ability to undergo academic research in the area of proposed study. The educational background and work experience will be given due consideration before admission. Students must conduct their research activities or course of study in English or Chinese.
  • Normally a Doctorate degree is awarded to a candidate on completion of three years. An extension is possible on the request and the maximum period of study is 6 years from the date of admission. If extended, an extension fee is to be paid.
  • Students enrolled for the Ph.D. program need to obtain 18 credits during their graduate coursework. Whereas for the core and main subjects a minimum grade of 70 on a 100 scale is mandatory for the program credit. For other courses, 55 is the minimum grade required, below which graduates will have to face questions from the concerned universities for low score.
Academic Year
The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first one comprises of 18 weeks of normal lecture classes beginning in September until January. This is called the Fall Semester. Following this, the second part is called the Spring Semester that begins in March and ends in June.

Process of Completion
  • only after completion of comprehensive examinations can students register for a Ph.D. thesis.
  • Each candidate is allotted a supervisor who assists in the research and progress of the work and results.
  • An Academic Degree Committee Board and the mentor discuss the topic chosen by the student.
  • The proposal must consist of the thesis topic, significance of research, literature review and plan for further research that must be submitted within the first year of a thesis registration.
Doctorate In Philosophy Degree In China
  • Renmin University of China: Ph.D. International Trade, Ph.D. International Economics, International Ph.D. Program and Ph.D. Western Economics.
  • Central China Normal University: Research on Marxism Abroad, Economics of Education, Applied Psychology, Theoretical Physics, Radio Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physic and Economic-Social History, Zoology, Sociology
  • Skema Business School: Ph.D. in Strategy, Porgramme and Project Management, International Ph.D. in Management Science and Ph.D. in Corporate Finance.
A Doctoral Degree is considered the highest academic award. Hope this article has given you all the information regarding a Ph.D. in China!