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This section contains information on higher education programs in Spain.

Study in Spain

obviously with the first university (University of Salamanca) established way back in 1218, higher education in Spain found its origins in the Middle Ages. Students will see the evidence of the influence of European and Moorish cultures. Spanish universities have recently undergone important changes which have led to an independent and autonomous system. The educational policy of Spain falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and the departments of higher education. Included in this framework, there is a body called the Consejo de Universidades that outlines the requirements in order to create new universities, centres and institutes. It also helps in regulating advanced graduate studies.
  • Spanish universities lay equal stress on scientific disciplines included in social sciences and humanities (for example, history, economics, literature, philosophy) and the pure sciences which include mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Also, adequate emphasis is laid upon professional courses such as architecture, medicine or law. The beauty of these programs or courses lies in the fact that the theory complements the practical. A balanced approach is maintained in the course curriculum thereby enabling foreign students to grasp the concepts better.
  • This website grants you access into the detailed information about the 49 public, 14 private and 4 Christian universities that are included under the Spanish University.
  • From its alluring beaches to its antique castles, Spain is a country that is as diverse as the cultures that have influenced its art, architecture, music and lifestyle. It is a land where skylines are dotted with cathedrals and magnificent skyscrapers, modern rock mixes with the flamenco guitar, night clubs compete with cosy 'tapas' bars!
Spain is one of the world's most famous unique and enchanting tourist destinations. Along with its natural beauty, it has also becoming a favourite study abroad location for students from all walks of life.