Home Decor
Here are some wonderful tips for a clutter free home, junk removal in homes and how to organize your house to minimize dumping.

Clutter Free Home!

It is true that all of us are perennially busy and constrained for time. So much so, that we are forced to cut corners with almost everything we do. At home, this often results in a sight that's all too embarrassing. It is no wonder then that there soon comes a point when you start thinking twice before letting your friends in. This is because over a period of time, our homes tend to accumulate 'keepsakes' and other such superfluous items. We hoard and stash away items such as piles of mail and unpaid bills, old clothes, letters, newspapers or plastic carrier bags in the house. The problem gets compounded especially in smaller homes and homes with kids. Consequently, there is difficulty walking safely through a home and managing the activities of daily living. This creates an underlying anxiety, stress, guilt or embarrassment that can have negative effects on the mental health and productivity of people living in the house. Despite the disorganization, people do not acknowledge that there is problem, treating it just as the proverbial elephant in the room. Here are some of the most common areas of clutter that need to be worked on to make them look more organized:

Junk Removal In Homes
  • Most people are in the habit of dumping things like car keys, glasses, shoes, purses, helmets, etc. immediately after entering their homes, and then searching for them for hours, when they need them. You can resolve this problem by mounting hooks to hang keys, bags, purses, coats and hats, keep a free standing shelf beside the door for shoes, glasses and other such things. Hang mail holders preferably with two pockets can be put up. These can be used to hold bills and other such 'paperwork'. A bin that can be used to get rid of to junk mail immediately along with other trash such as empty cans, wrappers and envelopes should be placed in a corner of your home.
  • Homes with one bathroom and a large family are often a mess, especially around the bathroom area. There are wet towels, dirty clothes, toiletries and a queue of people waiting for their turn to use the bathroom. You can minimize the pressure on the area by appointing other areas for some of the activities that can be managed outside the bath. Install hooks and a big laundry bag to hang wet towels and to dump dirty clothes.
  • You may keep towels and makeup outside in a shelf. A tall mirror outside the bathroom will help people to get ready and do makeup outside and reach for the towel without entering the bathroom. If many members are sharing one room and use the bathroom to change clothes, you can hang a curtain that can give people as much privacy as they need.
  • Tripping on toys and picking them up all over the house is the major occupation of most mothers. It is advisable to donate toys that do not attract your child any longer on his/her birthday to poor children. Remember, there will always be more gifts for your child, but this may not be the case with poorer children. Small kids do not like to be restricted to one room, so it is wiser to have a drawer or hidden storage area for their toys wherever they play most often.