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Read about designing tips for home gym, exercising experience in home and ideas for setting up a personal gym in home here.

A Home Gym

In an era that is fast developing at a rate of knots, everything is being done extremely fast. Take for instance, food. In our bid to keep up with the times, the one thing that unfortunately has become fast is our food. With so many chains triggering a fast food mania, foods like burgers, soft drinks, rolls, chips, ice-creams, etc. have all become a convenient option for people who are hard pressed for time or constantly on the go. Healthy food is being given the cold shoulder since people have become too busy to think about health. However, of late, one can witness a shift in the perception of people with regards to food and health. They are getting health conscious in a bid to lose weight and shed off those extra calories. This has also brought to the fore the scope and importance of fitness gyms. For those of you who are not comfortable working out in gyms, having home gyms can be useful. Your home gym should be inviting to motivate you to visit it more frequently.

Ideas For Setting Up A Personal Gym In Home
  • Any spare room in your house or a part of a big room can be turned into a home gym. You must ensure that the room you select is well-ventilated as exercise can at times lead to suffocation.
  • It is better to plan your gym according to your fitness goals and activities to avoid wasteful expenditure on equipment. Building muscles needs more weights, while for aerobic exercises and yoga, you just need more space. For yoga, though, you may like to have a peaceful and clutter-free room; you can also use aromatherapy oils or incense sticks.
  • To make your exercise experience more enjoyable, installing a stereo or a TV with a DVD player can work wonders. This can prove to be a great addition to your gym, since it can even make you add variation to your exercise routine.
  • As far as equipment goes, only quality matters, don't compromise here. Ensure that the machines are safe, compact, versatile and have how-to-use instructions have been given. Since you will mostly be working out alone you should make sure that you are investing in the right type of equipment. Keep equipment minimal and simple so that the room does not look congested.
  • To pump up energy vibes in your home gym, you can give the room a more vibrant look. Make the room look interesting with happy colors, artwork and wall murals and the photos of a model whose body inspires you to get in shape.
  • You can also try putting up a wall-size mirror to expand a small room or any scenic poster that can help you visualize nature while running on the treadmill or using a stationary cycle.
  • Does a dark and dingy room look inviting enough for you to enter it, let alone exercise there? Obviously not! Hence, another important thing to consider when it comes to home gym design is the lighting. A room that has bright natural light is always conducive to exercising.
  • Music can be simply perfect when working out in your home gym. Catchy or relaxing music soundtracks can help motivate you while exercising. Unlike other gyms, you can listen to whatever music you want in your home gym.
  • If you regularly work out for half an hour or more, you may want to buy a mini refrigerator for your home gym. In the fridge you can place water, lemonade and fruit juices to replenish your body with the right liquids.
Designing a gym at home and making it appear more welcoming can make you exercise more than what you expected. So, without further ado, go ahead and plan your home gym and exercise your way to health and happiness.