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Read about some home spa ideas, tips to set up a home spa, bath tubs and shower types and whirlpool jets and air systems in designer bathrooms in this article.

Home Spa Ideas

You decided to take a day off work to love and care for that special person - you! Yes, you, you yourself! You want to head to the nearby spa and treat your senses to well-deserved luxury, but then, you realize your pocket feel too light and they're not too deep too. Don't you think it would be wonderful if you could have a relaxing and luxurious spa experience without having to burn a hole in your pocket? Does it seem too good to be true? Well, hold your horses! You can now enjoy a spa experience right within the comforts of your own home, without having to lose all those notes! A day spa is the way to go when it comes to true relaxation. For those of you who love to roll in luxury and style but don't have pockets that are liberal, here's good news. Arrangements for a bubble or steam bath to pamper your body can be made at your very own home. Yes, you read that right, your own home spa indeed! Read on for a few wonderful tips on how to set up a home spa with a low budget.

Tips To Set Up A Home Spa
  • Use natural materials to decorate home spas for serenity.
  • Paint or tile the spa walls completely white. Place blue and green items against the walls. This will help calm your senses and give you what you need, a closer-to-nature experience.
  • Consider installing a portable fireplace or portable fire stones. This will help during the colder months. It can also add to the relaxing and romantic ambience of your spa.
  • You may also want to install a tabletop bubbling fountain. This will let you gain access to the calming sounds of running water, indoors!
  • If you have enough money, cascading effects can be achieved by installing a wide waterfall faucet.
Bathtubs And Shower Types
  • Choose bathtubs that are extra-long and deep for a much more relaxing experience.
  • Some of the tubs feature both jets and air bubble systems, but this mostly depends on your choice.
  • For small spaced spas, using narrower Japanese soaking tubs can prove to be a good idea. These will allow you to sit submerged in water up to your neck.
  • Showers for home spas come with more than one showerhead and massaging and cascading fixtures.
  • You can save some space by replacing over-sized tubs with sleek, efficient and specialized showerheads and sprays.
  • Tub decks may be used as a bench for shower stalls.
  • Hot tubs can be installed outdoors. Also, if you are newly married, or a hopeless romantic, you can try the longer and narrower ones. These are meant to accommodate two persons at a time, perfect for romance!
  • Two showerheads with multiple settings such as massaging sensations and set to perfect heights are a boon for couples looking forward to having a romantic shower together.
  • A ceiling-mounted rain dome or body jets that spray you with water from head to toe are some of the most popular choices.
Whirlpool Jets And Air Systems
  • Thermostatic or pressure-balance valves help you to regulate the temperature of water while showering.
  • Steam baths are popular features that people like to have in their shower stalls.
  • A bathtub with whirlpool jets controls airflow with variable pressure to help give you a personalized massage. However, you may not be able to use bath oils or salts in such bathtubs.
  • Bath additives can be used along with air bubble systems.