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Our Lentil Recipes section contains a number of delicious lentil recipes. Lentil or Dal is an integral part of Indian diet and Indian lentil recipes such as lentil curry recipe, lentil soup etc are very popular. Lentils are a rich source of protein and thus very beneficial for health. Try our healthy lentil recipes.

Lentil Recipes
Adai is a crispy South Indian recipe.
Arhar Dal is a very popular recipe.
Bachelor Whole Moong is a very popular recipe.
Bajra Khichdi is a low calorie recipe, quite popular in Rajasthan.
Banana Vada also known as Aratikaya Vadalu is a very easy to make recipe.
Bangla Khichdi is a tasty Bengali dinner recipe.
Bean Pancakes is a yummy recipe.
Beerakaya Pappu is best served with hot rice and ghee.
Boli is a very popular recipe.
Brown Lentils & Rice is a very popular recipe.
Carrot Chutney is a healthy recipe.
Chakara Pongal is a very popular recipe.
Chana Dal is a very popular recipe.
Chana Dal Chutney is a South Indian chutney, to be had with dosa.
Chana Dal Pancakes is an instant solution to your hunger.
Chana Dal Payasm is a traditional South Indian dessert.
Chana Masala is excellent lunch recipe, which goes perfectly with Indian bread .
Chana Ni Dal Ma Murgi is a recipe which serves you with an amazing taste.
Chane Ki Chutney is a very popular recipe.
Cheeda is a very popular recipe.
Cheese Dosa is a very popular recipe.
Chettinad Idli is both delicious and light for everyone making it ideal for dinner.
Chettinad Kara Kuzhambu is a very popular recipe in South India.
Chettinad Masala Siyam is a very delicious and lip smacking snack.
Chickpea Curry goes well with naan, also known as Channa Pindi.
Cholar Dal is a traditional Bengali recipe.
Choley Bhature is a popular Indian fast food.
Creamy Black Bean Dip is a very popular dip from the American cuisine.
Dahi Bada is a traditional deep-fried snack.
Dahi Vada is a popular North Indian snacks.
Dal Banjari is a spicy dal made with whole black lentils and bengal gram.
Dal Bhaji is a very popular recipe.
Dal Bhajia is a tangy appetizer recipe.
Dal Dhokla is a very popular recipe.
Dal Dhokli is a traditional Gujrati recipe.
Dal Fry is a very popular recipe.
Dal Idli is a very popular recipe.
Dal Ka Seera is a popular Rajasthani sweet, usually prepared in weddings.
Dal Makhani is a very popular Indian recipe.
Dal Palak is a very popular recipe.
Dal Paratha is wheat flour paratha stuffed with spicy moong dal and serves as an excellent breakfast snack.
Dal Puri is a popular Indian recipe prepared on special occasions.
Dal Rasam is a very popular recipe.
Dal Shorba is a delicious dish prepared across India.
Dal Tadka is a delectable and nutritious dal that is very popular in North India.
Dhal Methi is a very popular recipe.
Dhansak is a traditional Parsi recipe.
Dhoka Dalna is a traditional Bengali recipe cooked and served in Puja, or as second course of a meal.
Dhokla is a very popular recipe.
Dry Beans Salad is a very nutritious recipe.
Erasari is a South Indian dish similar to Sambar.
Fakes is a delicious and nutritious soup.
Falafel is a very popular Lebanese recipe that will tempt your taste buds.
Fried Idli Patties is a yummy recipe.
Garlic Rasam is very beneficial to health.
Gatte Ki Sabzi is a popular Rajasthani Curry recipe.
German Lentil Soup is a traditional German favorite.
Green Gram Curry is a very popular recipe.
Green Lentil Salad is a nutritious recipe.
Green Moong Pirattal is a spicy dish that forms a part of the Chettinad cuisine.
Whether you are on a diet or a diabetic, you can surely indulge in this low calorie snack.
Gujarati Tuvar Dal is tangy and sweet Gujarati recipe.
Haleem is a high calorie dish.
Handvo is a delectable Gujarati cake that makes you win applauds from the guests.
Handwa or Lentil Pie is a popular Gujarati recipe.
Harira is a traditional Moroccan soup, served to break the fast in the holy month of Ramadan.
Hariyali Dal is a delicious dish made with spinach, methi, coriander and red lentils.
Humus is a yummy appetizer, it can also be used as a sandwich filling.
Imarti is a traditional Indian sweet.
Indian Dalcha was originated in South India.
Indian Lentil Soup or dhaal is an everyday recipe in Indian homes.
Kachori is a popular snack.
Kadala Curry is a very popular recipe.
Kala Channa is a very popular recipe.
Kali Dal is a very popular recipe.
Kalmi Vadas are popular Rajasthani snack, made with gram flour.
Kanchipuram Idli is a popular South Indian recipe, flavoured with cumin seeds, pepper and ginger.
Kanjeevaram Idli is a delicious Tamil Nadu idly recipe .
Kanji Ke Vade is one of the special recipes prepared on Holi festival.
Kanji Vadas is a special Rajasthani delicacy, made of moong dal vadas dipped in tangy mustard liquid.
Karhi is a very popular recipe.
Karuvepilai Kulambu is a delicious wedding recipe.
Keerai Masiyal is a low calorie recipe.
Kerala Vada is a very popular recipe.
Khakra Saag is a simple and yummy recipe.
Khaman Dhokla is a traditional Gujarati recipe.
Khandvi is a traditional Gujrati recipe.
Khara Pongal is a traditional recipe of South India.
Khatti Meethi Dal is a tangy and sweet recipe for lunch.
Khichuri is a very popular recipe.
Kolumbu is one of the main dishes of South Indian cuisine and is extremely tasty.
Kulcha Chana is a popular Punjabi recipe.
Lamb Dhansak is a popular Parsi recipe in which lamb is cooked along with lentil.
Lebanese Lentil Soup is a healthy recipe.
Lentil and Spinach Soup is tasty and healthy and works as an amazing appetizer.
Lentil Chili is a very delicious recipe.
Lentil Patties is a very popular recipe.
Lentil Rice is a very popular recipe.
Lentil Soup is a very nutritious recipe.
Warm your winter days with a healthy soup.

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