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There are many educational opportunities in Auckland. Here are some basic facts that revolve around studying in Auckland.

Study in Auckland

Auckland is a wonderful city located in New Zealand. Local people call this city Tamaki Makau Rau which means 'The City of 100 Lovers' because this city is so fascinating and everyone wanted to conquer it. Auckland's beauty lies in its geographical diversity. Thecity has three harbors, 48 volcanic cones, two mountain ranges and many islands. An abundance of volcanic cones and the legacy of the country as a volcanic plateaumakes it a highly appreciated city. The people of this country have a welcoming and friendly attitude for international students who find their way to this wonderful piece of land. The city boasts of a variedpopulation and has a conjugated culture which embodies the traditional Polynesian heritage of the island mixed with the culture of European and recently Asian immigrants. The nature, cuisine, social life, entertainment - everything related to Auckland is wonderful. Education is another sector, which has taken the name of the country across the world. The country maintains the right balance between supreme quality education and a safe political atmosphere. This is the reason why the country receives about 50,000 student immigrants every year. Let's get into more facts on the education sector of the city of Auckland. Read further!

Study Programs In Auckland

Education In Auckland
overseas students are welcome to study at any level of education and take advantage of the academic programs which are recognized worldwide. There are primary schools, intermediate schools, secondary schools and higher education institutes like private and public universities and technical institutes spread over the length and breadth of the city. These entirely educational establishments keep their doors open to the overseas students. The New Zealand government is highly concerned about the quality of education provided by the country. Those organizations which do not satisfy the quality criteria are not recognized by the government.

Study Expenses
Auckland is less expensive when compared to other hot academic destinations. Both tuition and living expenses are lesser which make the overall study expense affordable. Fees cannot be generalized as the same varies according to the program selected. on an average it ranges between $ 4500 and $ 7000. In most of the institutions, fees for international students differ from that of domestic students.

Living In Auckland
Auckland is a wonderful place to live in. The city is blessed with a mild climate and glorious scenery. Life in Auckland is a great way of experiencing Maori culture and becoming a part of cultural and heritage activities. Auckland offers a multitude of cuisines. Entertainment opportunities extend to pubs, nightclubs, and late night restaurants. Auckland is an affordable academic destination. The average cost of living for student in Auckland will range from around $12000 to $18000 per year. Students are allowed to do part-time work to earn some money to support their studies and living. Moreover, Auckland provides discounts for students which are applicable for a number of shops, transportation, cinema ticket etc. The average cost of weekly accommodations stretch to about $150 to $200. A single ride in a bus costs $1.60 for one stage (without discount). Lunch from a food hall or a campus cafe can costup to $5 to $10 while a meal at a restaurant off the campus may cost $15 - $40.

Auckland has an array of accommodation options for you to choose from. Universities have their own arrangements for accommodations and these include hostels and student halls. However, it is not mandatory for you to opt for any of these options. You can find private accommodation off the campus as well. If you wish to experience the New Zealand way of life, you can opt for home stays, where you can live with a family, and enjoy traditional food and life in general. If you prefer an independent life, you can opt for private apartments or houses.

Educational Institutes
There are so many educational institutes in Auckland which include primary, intermediate and secondary schools, universities, language schools, polytechnics, etc. Among all of these, however, the ones which attract maximum attention are the ones that deal with higher education. Top universities/institutes of Auckland are listed below:
  • AUT University
  • Massey University
  • University of Auckland
  • Unitec – Polytechnic Institute
  • Whitireia – Polytechnic Institute
There are many academic destinations all over the world, but they are all unique in their own way and this is just the case with Auckland. It is a land of opportunity. Explore it and live your life to the fullest!