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The opportunity to study in New Delhi can prove to be quite a good one. Browse through this article before you decide on studying in Delhi.

Study in New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India (Republic of India). Delhi is one of the oldest cities in India and was constructed by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. New Delhi, which is located in the Indo-Gangetic plain, is a small area in the Delhi metropolis. The city has a humid subtropical climate. Delhi is home to multi-cultural and multi-ethnic groups and hence, it is a cosmopolitan city. Deep rooted in ancient culture, Delhi is truly a cultural, historical and architectural wonder. It has many historically and politically important buildings. The student life in Delhi can actually provide you with an unusual opportunity to explore the rich traditions of a culture associated with India. In spite of the richness and diversity, the culture is so simple to imbibe. The city has a population of 12 million and Hindi and English make for the official languages of Delhi. There are many prestigious and educational institutes and universities in Delhi. You can enroll yourself in one of these world-class educational programs. The city with beautiful monuments and an easy life style will definitely leave you intrigued. Read on to learn more about the study programs in New Delhi!

Study Programs in Delhi
The city of Delhi is the capital of a country which was home to ancient universities like Nalanda and Takshashila( also known as Taxila, now in Pakisthan). Delhi is famous for the presence of many prestigious educational institutions that offer various study programs spreading over most disciplines of education. It is the ideal place to learn about art, culture and ethnic studies. The educational institutions here offer Bachelor's and Master's degree programs as well as diplomas. These institutes greatly stress on research studies and also conduct research projects. The student community here in this city is diverse, with the presence of international students from almost all parts of the world. Many research scholars from overseas countries land in Delhi to learn about its rich and diverse traditions.

Study Expenses in Delhi
The course fee differs according to the programs, but the average cost of study can be anywhere between $4000- $5000. Estimated average annual rent is $5500 - $5750. Meals may cost about $4100 - $4300. other charges include books, travel, entertainment, etc.

There are many accommodation options in Delhi. Becoming a paying guest makes for one of the most common of choices. There are single room accommodations where you get a private room. Double room accommodations help two persons stay in the same room. Normally, a PG provides meals as well. A good PG should provide you with the following facilities:
  • Doctor on call
  • Laundry
  • Professionally managed house keeping
  • 24 hours room service
  • Television with cable T.V
  • Security guards
  • Power back-up
Students who want to stay independently can rent apartments. There are single and double bedroom apartments available which can be occupied by a few people, this way the cost of living can be shared.

Delhi is a planned city with broad arterial roads. The most convenient mode of transport in Delhi is the Delhi Metro. The Delhi Transport Corporation runs the world's largest group of CNG powered buses which are very convenient to travel on. Auto rickshaws are other common means of public transport. Delhi is connected to other parts of India through roads, railways and air too.

Courses offered

Bachelor's Degree

  • BBA
  • BBA Retail operations
  • Integrated BBA & MBA
Computer Science / IT
  • VFX & Digital Media Animation
  • BCA
  • BSc IT
  • BSc Networking
  • B.Tech IT
  • Integrated B.Sc ;M.Sc
  • Integrated BCA & MCA
  • BA Journalism and Mass Comm.
  • Science
  • B.Scin Applied Bio-Technology
  • Home Science
  • B.Scin Hotel Management
  • Medical Lab Technician
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Economics
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
Professional Courses
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Interior Design
  • B.Com
  • Master;s Degree
  • MBA
  • MCA
  • Master's in Computer Science
  • Master's in Bio-Informatics
  • Master's in Bio-Technology
  • Master's in Journalism
  • Master's in English
  • Master's in Economics
  • Master's in History
  • Master's in Political Science
  • Master's in Mathematics
  • Master's in Sociology
  • Master's in Hotel Management
  • Master's in Medical Lab Tech
  • Master's in Interior Design.
  • Master's in Commerce
  • Master's in Library Science
Famous Institutes
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