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Studying in Tokyo can prove to be a great experience. This article will introduce you to information that you should consider before heading to Tokyo.

Study in Tokyo

Tokyo is the most important city of Japan. It is notable for its contrasts, as there are an abundance of temples and shrines resting calmly in the shade of gigantic sky scrapers. This demonstrates the co-occurrence of the traditional and modern faces of this city. Though modern and active, people here love a peaceful atmosphere, and the modernity and fast-pace is subdued by the serenecharm of Tokyo's calm natured people. The metropolitan area of Tokyo is inhabited by about 12 million people. Tokyo is the political, economic, cultural and business hub of Japan. There are many corporate headquarters and financial institutions in the city which makes it a city of opportunities. The city is the hub of educational institutes as well. These institutes offer courses in all disciplines making it an ideal study destination for students from all academic backgrounds. The city which is the world's most populous metropolitan area and the world's largest metropolitan economy has a varied scale of constructions that ranges from the tiniest engraving to the largest skyscraper. It would be nothing but great to be a part of life in Tokyo as a student. What is to follow is written with an intension of helping you to learn about overall expenses and study programs in Tokyo. Read on!

Study Programs In Tokyo
Tokyo has the world's highest concentration of educational institutions with more than 100 universities and college within its limits. All the universities of Tokyo, both private and public institutes are extremely concerned about the quality of the educational programs offered by them. However, you should be extremely careful while selecting an institute for your studies as many of the institutes in Tokyo conduct their lectures in Japanese. It will be a problem, if you don't master Japanese before joining a particular college. There are colleges that teach in English too, but you will have to do your research before zeroing in on the right college.

Study Expenses
Tuition fees for public institutes are the cheapest regardless of subjects chosen. Municipal universities are a more expensive than public universities. Private schoolscharge the highest tuition fees. The tuition fees of national universities are listed below. It includes details on tuition fees and entrance fees. For exact amounts, you can either log on to the university/college website or contact the university office.
Graduate program: 802,800 yen
Post Graduate program: 802,800 yen
Some national and private institutes offer fees reductions on some conditions. The government and mostinstitutes offer scholarships and grants to lessen the burden of elaborate expenses.

Living Expenses
Housing is expensive in Tokyo. By living on the suburbs and in satellitetowns you can definitely save on rent, but you will have to travel quite a lot to your campus every day. A full meal costs about 500 - 1000 yeninin an ordinary restaurant. There are commuter passes that allow unlimited travel (for a given time period) between your campus and your home.

There are a number of options like apartments, houses, guest houses, hotels and hostels available in Tokyo. You can select that one option which suits your budget the most. You can also go in for paying guest options, if you are looking forward to enjoying typical Japanese food and living habits that is. If you prefer to live near your campus, than it is better to go in for the accommodation provided by the university.

Courses offered

Bachelor's Degree Programs
  • Humanities and Sociology
  • Law and Politics
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Medical Science
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Frontier Sciences
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Public Policy
Master's Degree Programs
  • Master of Marine Science in Marine Life Sciences
  • Master of Marine Science in Food Science and Technology
  • Master of Marine Science or Engineering in Marine Environmental Studies
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master's Degree in Public Management
  • Master's Degree in International Relations
  • Master's Degree in Economics
  • Master's in Principles of Human Communication
  • Master's in Journalism
Doctorate Degree Programs
  • Studies to Urban Society and Media
  • Study of Corporate Communication Activities
  • Study of Information Behavior
You have just been graced with a rough idea on the costs of studying and living in Tokyo. Now, you can go right ahead and start working out a budget, if Tokyo is where you want to be heading to.