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Are you planning on studying in London? Then you might want to read your way through this article for information on studying in London.

Study in London

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is an alluring educational destination rather, the dream destination of students all over the world. It is the largest city in the European Union. London is a global city which has an unbeaten rate of growth. Educational institutions in London have proven their excellence in providing academic programs in almost all disciplines of knowledge. These disciplines include arts, commerce, science, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional education, research and development and a lot more. The educational institutions in London receive about 58000 overseas students every year and are highly efficient when it comes to fulfilling the dreams of each and every student who is a part of their banners. Higher education in London is unique in different ways. The main mode of education here is seminars and discussions. This is more beneficial than traditional lecturing which is apparently a one-way mode of communications. Discussions and seminars make the process of education more lively and interactive. All these make the student life in London worthy, interesting and memorable. London, the city, which has been the influential worldwide in in almost all areas of life, is now the education hub of the world.

Study Programs In London

Education In London
London is a vibrant global city which is always changing and exciting. The educational programs offered at London are valued everywhere. Moreover, the decision to study in London will provide you with a chance to select your favorite course from a large pool of more than 30,000 educational programs which are recognized internationally. Moreover it will provide you with unrivalledemployment opportunities across the world. It can also prove to be a great experience to live in the one of the most diverse cities in the world and with a global network of friends. An education in London is gained via lectures, seminars, practical learning and work experience. The higher education centres in London offers courses at graduate, post-graduate and doctorate levels.

Study Expenses
Study expenses generally include tuition fees and other related expenses such as books. Tuition fees will depend upon the university you choose, the course you select and the length of the program. It can be at an average of 5000 - 23,000 or even more. official websites of the concerned university will provide you with details on the fees charged per program. However, eligible students can avail scholarships that will provide them with financial aid. Students are allowed to work on a part time basis as well. Students from overseas countries have to pay overseas fees, with some exceptions generally allowed. More details can be obtained from the UKCIA website.

Living Expenses
To obtain a student visa to the UK, you should prove that you have a financial capacity to obtain 800 per month (plus course fee). However, as a student, you can avail discounts on many things including books, travel, cinema tickets, etc. The major part of the living expense is of course, accommodation. The average accommodation charge for a student in London is about 100. of course, this changes according to the type of accommodation you choose and the area you live in. overall living charges will depend on your lifestyle.

There are numerous accommodation options available for students, and these range from rooms to studio apartments to even penthouses. Most of the institutions provide on campus accommodation facilities.

There are many options for travel, buses and trams making for the most preferred modes of transport. You can avail tickets per trip, for a day, for a week or for a month. As a student, you are eligible for student discounts as well. The ticket per trip will amount to around 1.30 and for a month it may cost 712. other means of transport are national trains and via air.

Courses offered

Undergraduate Courses
  • English Literature and Linguistics
  • Business with Law
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Effective Collaboration in Construction
  • Communication Engineering
Post-Graduate Courses
  • Psychology
  • Computing
  • Crime Analysis
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Theatre Directing
  • Hazards and Disaster Management
Famous Institutions
  • University College London
  • London School of Economics
  • Imperial College London
  • London College of Fashion
  • London Business School
London is a paradise when it comes to education and it sure would be a privilege to get an education in such a paradise.