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It would be nothing but a privilege to study in a global city such as Madrid. Explore this article to know more about studying in the city of Madrid.

Study in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is the largest city of the country with about 3.5 million inhabitants and the third largest city of the European Union, placed after London and Berlin. The city has great influence in areas like education, politics, science, entertainment, environment, media, arts, fashion, etc. Madrid is the financial hub of Southern Europe. It is renowned for its touristic attractions as well. From Casa Gallardo to Torres Blancas, the city is embellished with numerous buildings which demonstrate the architectural excellence of Spain. While all these facts demonstrate the economic and social excellence of this global city, there is another segment which takes the country to a global level - education. Madrid is a favorite educational destination for students across the world. This beautiful city is home to many public and private higher education centres which are famous for their contribution to education. It is a privilege to get educated from a city which has contributed to various fields of knowledge like arts, literature, music, history, science, management and what not! The city has got a great international climate, making it the perfect place to learn about business, international relations and policies. Don't ever dare to spare this chance dear aspirer! or else, you will miss something great!

Study Programs In Madrid
The opportunity to get educated in Spain will give you liberal access to a number of courses that are noted for their supreme quality. This is why this elegant city has become one of the most sought after educational destinations in the world. Spanish language and culture has many things to tell you and getting educated in Madrid can take you closer to Spanish dialect and culture. The higher institutes in Madrid offergraduated courses and post-graduate courses and also provide opportunities for research. In addition to these long term courses, there are many short term courses in Spanish language and culture.

Study Expenses
Tuition fees depend upon the programs and the timespan of the same, and hence it is difficult to generalize. one month courses generally cost about 4945$. Regular courses can cost up to 25000$ or even more. Fees, other than tuition fees are to be paid in extra too. You may also need to pay a certain amount to open your academic record. This amount can vary from one university to another. At an average it can cost around 650$.

Living Expenses
Spain is one of those global cities that is noted for its high standard of living. Hence the living expenses in this country can definitely stretch to higher limits, but this does not mean it would be impossible to pay for the same. The general expenses can be summarized as follows:
Trip in Metro/ Bus - 1
Ten trip ticket in bus/metro - 7.4
Household budget (water, electricity, telephone etc.) - 150

There are plenty of accommodation options in Madrid. Students can make use of flats, houses, shared apartments, student houses, hostels, hotels and Spanish host families. You can choose an accommodation option after taking into consideration your budgetary constraints. If you are keen on experiencing Spanish life and traditional Spanish cuisine, then staying as a paying guest can be ideal for you.

Courses offered

Bachelor's Degree Programs
  • B.S. Business Administration/International Business
  • B.A. Communication
  • B.A. Economics
  • B.A. English (one semester in St. Louis, Missouri)
  • B.A. Political Science/International Relations
  • B.A. Spanish Language and Literature
Master's Degree Programs
  • M.A. in English
  • M.A. in Spanish
  • Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering
  • Master's Degree in Agro-Forestry Bio-technology
  • Master's Degree in Phylogenetic Recourses
  • Master's Degree in Structural Engineering and its Materials
  • Master's Degree in Automation and Robotics
  • Master's Degree in Nuclear science and Engineering
Research Programs
  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering
  • PhD in Biotechnology and Genetic Recourses of Plants and Associated Microorganisms
  • PhD in Nuclear science and Technology
  • PhD in Environmental Research, Modeling and Risk Management
Famous Institutes
  • Complutense University of Madrid
  • Technical University of Madrid
  • Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • IE Business School
Here's hoping what you just read helped you to learn a lot about the city of Madrid and what it may take to get educated in the same.