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Have you ever dreamt of studying in Oxford? Strengthen your dream by familiarizing yourself with the facts about studying in Oxford!

Study in Oxford

The city of Oxford is really the county town of Oxfordshire. It is located in South East England. The city is famous all over the world for being home to the famous medieval university - The oxford University. The city is also home to many renowned business, science and technology centers. The city is also called "the city of dreaming spires". Its name comes from its demonstrative buildings which are classic examples of English architecture. The people here in this city have nurtured different art forms, from music to drama, and hence art is an important part of its culture.The city enjoys climate that is temperate in nature and has a magical beauty made it a part of the universal block buster film series - Harry Potter. The city is highly populated with students who visit it with the dream of getting an education in some of the world's most prestigious educational institutes. oxford, the city, is not to be confused with oxford, the University. Read on!

Study Programs in Oxford
This sophisticated city has many things to offer to an international student. The city has many shopping destinations, restaurants and other hot-spots that provide endless opportunities to celebrate life. The plethora of historical, educational and cultural excellence demonstrated by the city of Oxford attracts a large number of student aspirants from countries all over the world. You should note that there are many higher educational centers in Oxford other than the world famous oxford University. The educational institutes in Oxford practice out-of-the box teaching methods. The process of learning progresses through discussions, seminars and practical experiences. So, the chance to study in Oxford is a chance to experience the world's most sophisticated educational system as well.

Study Expenses
Tuition fees are the most varied category as it varies according to the educational programs, institution and duration of the course. At an average, tuition fees will cost around 6000 - 14000 or more.

Living Expenses
Living in Oxford city can be quite expensive. With tight strings, if you live in the accommodation provided by the university you are a part of and hardly spend much, you can limit your expenses to 6000.With a slightly flexible budget, you can live with a budget that amounts to 9000 and with a deep pocket you can easily afford around 120000. It, however, all depends on your lifestyle. Accommodation costs around 50 - 100 per week, you may also need to spend 30 - 50 per week for food. Transportation can cost 5 - 25 per week and entertainment costs can amount to about 10 - 30 per week. All other expenses will cumulatively cost about 120 - 240 per week.

There are many options for accommodation in Oxford city. Students usually choose the accommodation provided by universities since they are relatively cheaper and are also because they are either located on-campus or close to the college. other options include private apartments and home stays. These are comparatively more expensive than the accommodation options provided my universities. For those students who are keen to experience oxford life and traditional English food, a home stay is the best option.

Courses offered

Bachelor's Degree Programs
  • BA Economics and Management
  • BA Human Sciences
  • BA Music
  • BFA Fine Art
  • Mathematics
  • Physical
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Science
  • Mathematics and Philosophy: BA,
  • Mathematics and Statistics: BA
  • Philosophy
Master's Degree Programs
  • Master of Biochemistry
  • Master of Chemistry
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master of Earth Sciences
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Mathematics
  • Master of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Master of Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Master of Physics
  • Master of Physics and Philosophy
Famous Institutes
  • oxford University
  • All Souls College
  • Brasenose College
  • Christ Church
  • Corpus Christi College
  • Lincoln College
  • Magdalene College
  • Merton College
  • St. John's College
So, these were some important information on the oxford city and its role in education. Hope you derive some benefit from this.