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Read some wonderful and handy tips on bathroom lighting trends, types of lamps and fixtures to choose from, mirrors and defoggers.

Bathroom Lighting

You built a new home and made sure you got a luxurious bathroom attached to your bedroom. After the first night in your home sweet home, you head to your lovely, dimly-lit bathroom for a shower and you hit your elbow on the wash basin, which you failed to notice. Bathroom lighting is not only about lamps and fixtures, but also about creating that little 'extra' that turns you on whenever you enter this tiny quiet room to enjoy a warm bath. Many people end up lighting their bathroom poorly in order to make it seem romantic or elegant. The trick can only be achieved successfully by choosing the right lamps, placing them strategically, using mirrors and defoggers at all the correct places and in appropriate styles. Read on for a few classic, trendy and handy tips and ideas on how to light a bathroom:

Bathroom Lighting Trends
  • Recessed lighting fixtures are considered the most popular bathroom lighting trend today, but beware, if they are the only lights you are using in the bathroom. You may fall into the shadow trap and may not be able to see yourself clearly in the mirror.
  • A halogen-recessed floodlight focuses a little too much and can make you actually look scary, just like when you place the flash light under your chin in the dark. A good idea to use on a Halloween stage, but definitely not what you would like to see in your bathroom every morning!
  • To avoid scary shadowing effects, use recessed floodlights along with the other general forms of lighting.
  • A diffused light fixture with a soft focus mounted at or just above eye level is much better and the best place for the same is on either side of the mirror. This will help throw maximum light on your face and brighten it up.
  • Diffused lights wall-mounted near the mirror can cut down on shadows of halogen floodlights.
  • In case, wall mounted lights are not possible in your bath, avoid using recessed lighting. Use decorative diffused lighting on the ceiling instead, which is only the second best option after the one suggested above.
  • If recessed lighting is the only option available, then, place it very close to the mirror, centered above the faucet.
  • Installing different types of lighting fixtures that can be switched on and off, independently or in desired combos, can help make a bathroom look exceptionally good.
  • Use different levels of light when applying makeup during different times of the day - Bright light during the day and dim light during the night.
  • Efficient and decorative lighting systems come in a wide range and can stretch from luxury options to inexpensive ones.
  • Mirrors and their reflective surfaces enhance bathroom lighting, making it the most important focal point of bath decor. They add depth and dimension to the bathroom and are quite flexible.
  • Comfort and luxury define the finish, shape, size, style and material of the mirrors that are tailored to suit your personality.
  • Mirror styles may range from traditional and contemporary to casual and tropical. They may be frameless and used as accents or can have innovative frame designs to attract attention.
  • Mirror frames may have finishes such as antique, black, bronze, steel, pewter, chrome, crackle, designer, hand painted, distressed, metal, silver, gold, nickel, plastic and wood and many times have arched top or oval, rectangular or round shapes.
  • A mirror fogged with steam gives an ethereal look to bathroom. Most people prefer to install an electric bathroom-mirror defogger to allow them to shower and see their reflection in a clear mirror. They consume very little electricity and work quite efficiently.
Now that you have some great lighting tips for your bathroom, go on and make your bathroom a haven of pleasure.