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Read here to get to know about how ceramic tile will give your home, bathrooms and your shower stall an appealing and energizing looks.

Ceramic Tile

Bored of the dull, painted walls of your home? Want a glossier bathroom? Need tough but great looking floors in the kitchen? Decided to tile-work your home? Then, you might want to consider ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are glazed clay tiles that are known for their durability. Tiles these days come in various colors and a number of geometric shapes. Ceramic tiles made out of porcelain are generally recommended for houses. This is because porcelain tiles are scratch resistant, stain proof and are durable enough. Read on for a closer look at the different types of ceramic tiles that can be used well in different areas of your homes.

Types Of Ceramic Tiles
  • Ceramic tile options help you to ornament the walls of your home with gorgeous and trendy tiles for walls. Tiles of diverse shapes, sizes and designs at every nook and corner of your home can make the same look vivacious or lively.
  • Ceramic floor tiles never fail to steal the show. These tiles help you to decorate your flooring with the finest possible designs and can look extremely breath-taking. Using unique floor tile designs, textures and colors add to the beauty of a place and also upgrade its glamour quotient.
  • Ceramic vitrified tiles are an owner's pride. They are hard and strong vitrified tiles. These tiles are the first choice for homes and offices, because of their sturdiness. They are proven superior to marble and granite because they are stain-resistant, scratch-proof and low on maintenance too. These well- polished tiles are long-lasting, of high quality and look good too.
Ceramic Tile Ideas
  • It is best to create decorative frames. For this, you can arrange the tiles diagonally. Then, to surround it, make a frame with other tiles. These tiles must either contrast or complement each other and the tiles they surround. When you achieve this objective, you will really be creating an inexpensive and decorative mural of sorts.
  • Do you have a small bathroom? Don't crib. It can be perfect for designing a great looking bathroom. A small sized bathroom allows you to spend more on expensive and luxurious tiles. In order to make your bathroom look more spacious, you can arrange a few wall or floor tiles diagonally. Also, make it a point to ensure that that the color of the smooth grout you use is similar to the color of the tiles.
  • Do you want an airy and spacious house? You can try using different colors, but still stick to the same tile. This will create a light portion around the corner of the room and a dark oblong frame towards the middle. Fill the frames with a mosaic pattern of pale colors.
  • If you want to top off your tiling, you can think of using borders. For this, you will need to make a border of one textured tile, one plain tile and one bullnose raised tile. The bordering can run along the top edge of wall tiles. This could be about three or four feet from the floor. Now run this border all around the room for a merging effect. You can also try turning the plain tile diagonally for a better pattern.
  • Checkerboard patterned tiles are no longer fashionable. They're too boring and monotonous-looking. Instead, you can mix and match. For example, you can try pink, purple and violet together. You may need to get rid of dark tiles if they are too many in number. Replace them with light colored tiles. This will help create a room that looks more cheerful and less gloomy.
By now, you must be familiar with details on great ideas for ceramic tiles. So why not step up, use the best and fill your homes with creativity?