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Read here to get tips to give finishing touches to your bathrooms.

Finishing Touches To Bath Room

You are having a corporate party at your house and you want to make sure your house looks good. So you begin by scrubbing every inch of your home sweet home and even ensuring that all those collectibles look squeaky clean. In all your excitement, you forget the most important space of your house, your bathroom. Do not forget that your guests are bound to use your bathroom. So, make sure you give your best even here. A bathroom is not merely a place for rejuvenation; it is also an expression of your individuality and your unique sense of style. Read on to find out a number of finishing touches that can be added to your bathroom.
  • You could simply add some detail by placing a picture rail or shelf along one wall. You can use this to display framed prints or small collectibles like perfume bottles.
  • Adding pretty toiletries like soaps or bath salts and filling antique bowls or shaving mugs with them is a good option.
  • If your bathroom is roomy enough, you can think of adding a piece of outdoor furniture. Try a wicker chair or table for the purpose.
  • Draw attention to the ceiling with decorative wood beams.
  • You could try lining an entire wall with mirrored cabinets. This is most suitable for small bathrooms, as this will give it a spacious look.
  • You might want to color-wash wood cabinets. Don't use paint. Instead, try a colored stain to revive wood cabinets or a vanity. You can mix and match colors: use a light-colored stain for the background and then use a brighter color on some of the drawers.
  • You can place fresh flowers or flowering plants in the bathroom. If you find the idea weird, then you can always use artificial flowers.
  • Invest in some rare vessels to hold your favorite flowers and plants. Wall vases, old watering cans or window boxes are examples of a few articles that can serve the purpose.
  • Replace the door of the linen closet in your bathroom with a framed lattice or a replica of a Victorian screen door.
  • Attach a beveled mirror to the wall over the sink and frame it with tiles. You can use a selection of mix-and-match tiles or try some colorful mosaics.
  • Slightly above your head level, fix low voltage strip of lights to make your bathroom look much better.
  • Affix a mirror that has some elaborate framing. This can be done on the wall over the washbasin.
  • Use colorful mosaics or tiles for bathrooms. This will make them look much brighter.
  • If you like paintings, display some of your collections on the walls of the bathroom.
  • If your bathtub is comfortably padded with soft cushioning, it will only get more limber when hot water is added. A towel warmer is a great accessory in your bathroom. Wrap yourself in a warm towel and enjoy those moments of wholesome luxury!
  • You will love your bathroom if it is has provisions for entertainment features like TV or audio systems.
  • Small decorations according to your personalized style of your bathroom will give that extra touch.
  • Always keep a room freshener pack in the bathroom. This will protect your bathroom from unpleasant odors.
With these done, doing up your bathrooms can prove to be a breeze. Now go ahead, give it your stylish best and please your guests.