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A luxury bathroom is an ultimate dream of every one of us; get yourself geared up to read more tips to design your luxury bathroom.

The Perfect Bathroom Design

Spacious, airy and hygienic bathroom is what all of us dream of. Imagine how revitalizing it will be to enter an airy and spacious bathroom with elegant marble or tile surrounding and you get a sense of freshness and comfort. You enter with a light music playing in the background, and get into fragrant bubbles and then you step out onto a warm and welcoming tile floor to maintain the relaxed and cozy bathtub feeling. You grab a heated towel and look into the clear mirror and days when you had to wait shivering for the mist to die off seem like a distant memory. I am sure you would have definitely liked the imagination of a temperate and luxurious oasis I just described. Well, you can now set up this luxurious oasis at your home due to the innovative products and designs and new materials becoming available through the industry dealing with bathroom accessories. You have a great range of options and some fun decisions to make in order to set up the perfect bathroom design for your house.

Things To Consider

The Layout

The first aspect to keep in mind while designing your bathroom is the layout. It is inevitable on your part to figure out the layout of various features in your bathroom. The layout should be planned after pondering over facts like who will be using a feature the most, does it need to be multifunctional and the amount of space the bathroom actually require.

Colour Scheme
Once you have the layout design in hand, it is time for you to ponder over the colour scheme to be used. Deciding upon the colour scheme will help you take other decisions regarding the bathroom interiors. Decide your colour scheme from the pool of warm and cool tones depending upon your taste and mood. Deciding upon the colour your bathroom walls will wear will also help you decide upon the tiles and other outfits.

Choosing the right kind of flooring is another big step when it comes to designing a perfect bathroom. Slate floor and ceramic tile flooring are two of the most popular choices for a bathroom floor. If you want to stay warm even after getting out of a warm bath, it is advisable to make arrangements for heat line under your bathroom flooring.

You can't afford to have simple out of fashion lighting for your bathroom along with modern layout and flooring. Plan out and locate areas where you need special lighting, track lighting etc, since proper lighting can brighten up bathroom in an unexpected way.

Once the layout, colours and flooring is all decided upon, bathroom fixtures is what you need to think about. Choosing the right shower, the right tub and sink can make a lot of difference and can turn a boring bathroom to a luxurious retreat. The fixtures that you install should be both functional and comfortable since you will be using them every day.

Requirements Of A Perfect Bathroom
  • A perfect bathroom design must include a large bathtub and not a small, cornered bathtub. But, these are expensive and require a lot of space.
  • Ceramic tile floor is another need for a luxury perfect bathroom. Ceramic tiles will provide the most artistic and beautiful improvement to your bathroom floor.
  • Well, why not get a Hi-fi, a television or a music player installed in the bathroom. Bathroom is a place where you spend a lot of time. It is the perfect moment to listen to your favourite song.
  • Fog free mirror is an accessory must for a perfect luxurious bathroom design. After a long and hot shower you would surely not want to wait for the stem to clear before you can see yourself fresh in the mirror.
  • Why not get hangers that warm up your towel and get fittings that can warm up your bathroom floors? Nothing can be more soothing and comforting than getting out of a warm bath and sliding into a warm towel and stepping down into warm and cozy flooring.