Indian Sweets Recipes

Our Indian Sweets Recipe section contains recipes of sweet dishes of different regions of India. Sweets form an integral part of any Indian celebration. More popular among regional Indian Sweets are South Indian Sweets and Bengali Sweets. Try our recipes of Indian sweet dishes.
No Bengali festival or celebration is complete without Rasgulla. Most of the time this mouthful of sweetness marks the beginning as well as the end of any occasion. Some even term it as the full-stop to a meal as it is customary to serve Rasgulla at the end of all the grandeur of food.

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Feel like savoring something deliciously sweet? Try making the jalebi. With ingredients that are readily available at the local grocery store, you can easily rustle up India's favorite sweet dish.

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Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun is one of those sweet dishes which has a huge fan following and the number is always on the rise. These scarlet colored balls tastes best when prepared at home and the recipe is not at all complicated. All-purpose flour, soda powder, ghee, milk, sugar and rose water if you like the flavor. That’s it!

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Carrot Halwa
Got an insatiable sweet tooth? Try making this quick and easy carrot halwa, using carrots of course, condensed milk, ghee and loads of nuts.

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Kaju Burfi
These diamond shaped pieces, decorated by silver foils isn't just interesting to look at but are also irresistible. Rich in cashew nuts, these sweets are in great demand during special occasions such as Diwali.

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Soan Papdi
Soan Papdi is a crispy Indian sweet suitable for any occasion. Learn how to make/prepare Son Papri by following this easy recipe.

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Ras Malai
This typical Bengali sweet which drips of delicious sugar syrup with every bite is the pride of the state. One reaches a state of euphoria with every bite of this delectable sweet.

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Besan Laddoo
A typical sight during festival seasons, the richness of the ladoo matches the vibrance of any festival to the fullest. A mouth full of sweetness with every bite, no festival is complete without one gorging on these delights.

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This is a typical Maharastrian delicacy, made with thick curd. Garnished with Pistachios and Almonds, this dish is a favourite among all kids and adults. It is generally had after lunch, since it is not a very heavy and just right to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Coconut Laddoo
Coconut laddoo is a delicacy prepared with raw grated coconut and is quite popular during the festive season in India. The soft delectable coconut prepared with dry fruits and nuts impart it a distinct texture and taste, which makes it the perfect choice for a light dessert.

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Shahi Tukda
Wondering what to do with left-over bread at home? Well, move over boring bread butter. Instead, welcome the Indian style pudding with milk, bread and sugar that you would want to keep eating and keep eating.

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Rava Ladoo
Rava ladoo is a delicacy prepared with rava and is quite popular during the festive seasons. The soft ladoo with lots of dry fruit makes it a perfect choice for a light dessert.

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Kaju Katli
Kaju katli as the name suggests is made with lots of Cashews making it a must-have during all festive occasions. The way this katli melts in your mouth, it gives you a so much satisfaction without the guilt of putting on weight.

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Gujia is an Indian sweet which is a specialty during the festival of Holi in India. The crunchy outer covering made with maida is stuffed with a filling of khoya and dry-fruits and then deep fried. You cannot have just one of this mouth-watering sweet.

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Coconut Burfi
No matter you have a sweet tooth or not, you cannot say no to coconut burfi. Shredded coconut gives that crunchiness to the burfi while milk provides it with the smoothness. Any day, any occasion, this sweet will undoubtedly rank among the top desserts.

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This is one of those sweets which even diabetic people can taste. The mild amount of sweetness and the unmatched taste of solidified milk attracts even those who are not much into sweets. Be is Holi, Eid, Navratri or Diwali, kalakand needs to be there on the platter.

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A trip to Rajasthan is not complete without eating their typical dish called Ghevar. This sweet dish made with lots of dry fruits, will leave you craving for 1 more.

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Suji Ka Halwa
Don't have the time to make the Gajar ka halwa or don't have carrots handy? Fret not and try this easy to make lip-smacking Suji ka Halwa. You can use a variety of dry fruits such as raisins and cashews to garnish it.

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Besan Burfi
This is a typical Indian dish that is made during any occasion worth celebrating. The way the Besan melts in your mouth leaving the crunchy nuts behind to chew, you experience heaven right away.

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Petha is the Indian version of candy and is made with white pumpkin. The soft transparent candy is usually rectangular of cylindrical in shape and is a renowned delicacy in North India. Nowadays, apart from the authentic petha, many other variants are being made which gives the sweet a different look.

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Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa is a typical delicacy that is made in all North-Indian households during festivals. It is rich with tons of dry fruits which is the USP of the dish!

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Famous in India and its neighbouring countries, balushahis are sweets made with maida which are molded in the doughnut shapes and deep fried in ghee. These fried balushahis are then dipped in sugar syrup to bring in that sweetness which completes the dessert. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Now you can try and make some for your dear ones.

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Khoya Burfi
Usually prepared using festivals like 'Bhai Dooj' and 'Janmashtami', making this sweet doesn't require much effort. Instead of soaking in a basket of chocolates, why don't you try these?

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Rice Kheer
The absence of rice Kheer at any Indian wedding reception would result in the presence of numerous dumbfounded expressions. Custom made to suit the delight of that special day, this kheer holds basmati rice as its main ingredient and only made grand by the garnish of saffron and raisins that surfaces the pleasurable amalgamation of ghee, milk and sugar.

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Malai Kulfi
Malai kulfi does not follow the regular texture of what we know as ice-cream. This Indian sweet can be prepared in no time and is enjoyed by young and old alike. While some like to slurp on it, others prefer to take a big bite of this crunchy dessert.

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