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BPO : Indian BPO Segments

Indian BPO Segments

Business Process Outsourcing in India is organized in many segments. Back-office processing and customer interaction services are among the fastest and largest growing segments that contribute significantly to the Indian BPO market. Other notable segments are revenue accounting, content development, animation, engineering and design, GIS and medical transcription.

Back-Office Operations / Revenue Accounting / Data Entry And Conversion / HR Services - This segment is by far the largest, accounting for 42% pf the market share in FY 2002. Industries such as banks and aviation require large-scale data processing and data based decision-making capabilities. Indian companies provide data entry (paper to digital) and rule-set processing (applying present rules and criteria for processing) and are fast graduating to problem solving and decision-making.

Content Development / Animation / Engineering And Design / GIS - The content development segment ranks second occupying 26% of the pie. The Roncarelli report on computer animation estimates that labor costs in India for computer animators is roughly one-tenth that in the US. While a computer animator in India earns about US$7,000 - 9,000 per year, an equivalent animator in the US earns US$45,000 - 90,000.

Customer Interaction Services - The customer care segment ranks third occupying 28% of the pie. A customer care center is a service center with adequate telecom facilities, trained consultants, access to requisite databases, Internet and other online information support infrastructure to provide information and support to customers. Such centers are used for a number of customer-related functions like marketing, selling, information dispensing, advice, technical support etc.

Medical Transcription Services - Medical transcription accounts for 2% of the total Indian outsourcing services. Medical transcription was one of the first offshore BPO services to be launched from India. This service involves the transcribing of medical records from audio format or dictated by doctors or other healthcare into either a hard copy or electronic format.

Other Services - The other services include online education or web based training, market research analysis using statistical packages, remote network maintenance and monitoring.

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