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Indian BPO and outsourcing industry is facing great competition from a number of countries. Competition in BPO industry is increasing so are the challenges before BPO India

BPO : BPO Competitors of India

BPO Competitors of India

By virtue of certain advantages India has been able to maintain its supremacy over its rivals in the BPO industry but there are a number of other countries, which can give India run for its money in Business Process Outsourcing. Some of the prominent competitors of BPO India are China, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, and Malaysia. The Philippines advantage, besides skilled and English educated work force and good telecom infrastructure, is familiarity with American work culture and Spanish language.

China enjoys a great advantage in terms of large pool of people but the Chinese have a great limitation, as they do not have enough English speaking graduates like India. Mexico too is emerging as a tough competitor for India but is good for low-end jobs only. Other countries like Ireland have a smaller talent pool. Canada and South Africa are other prominent competitors of India but are costlier than India, while Russia has poor infrastructure and poor linguistic capabilities.

Hence India still has the leading edge in the BPO industry, but it should keep on improvising to maintain its stability. Therefore India should be on its guard to maintain its position intact. If India has to maintain its supremacy in BPO and its software workforce, then BPO India has to learn Spanish, which is spoken in more than 24 countries. With India already stamping its superiority in the BPO sector with its knowledge of the English language, it now needs just one other language that will make the world its market, which is Spanish.

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