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Improvement in ITES infrastructure and general infrastructure like roads power have immensely contributed to BPO and outsourcing growth in India.

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Improved infrastructure is another important factor which has helped India to achieve tremendous success in the field of IT/BPO. There has been tremendous growth and improvement in telecom, power and roads infrastructure in the last few years in India.

Relevant telecom facilities are an important precondition for the success of the software and BPO industry. The Indian government has taken numerous steps to improve the telecom infrastructure in the country. The international bandwidth situation has improved dramatically over the last 3 years. The privatization of the telecom Industry has resulted not only in significant drop in rates but also better services. The telecom costs have dropped by about 85% in 3 years.

Similar changes have been observed in the power sector infrastructure as well. Power availability has also improved dramatically over the last few years. This has gone a long way in ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the IT/BPO destinations like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Bombay, Pune and Calcutta. In addition to this state governments in India have undertaken reforms in the power sector to improve power supply to ITES companies.

The overall roads and highways infrastructure scenario in India has also witnessed major improvements over the last few years. We have now entered the arena of multi lane highways. Most of the cities and towns are connected and interlinked to each other. Major investments have gone into the development of highways, both on the side of the central and state Governments.

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