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This write up highlights initiatives and efforts taken by NASSCOM. NASSCOM India has been playing an important role for the promotion of BPO and outsourcing in India.


NASSCOM Initiatives

To promote its aims and objectives, NASSCOM has taken a number of initiatives. NASSCOM has been playing an active role in the international software market. NASSCOM is a member of the Asian Oceania Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO). ASOCIO is a group of computing industry organizations from the Asia Oceania Region and consists of representatives from 18 countries. NASSCOM is also a founder member of the World Information Technology and Services Alliances (WITSA). This is a platform, which includes member associations from 37 countries. In addition to this NASSCOM has been actively working with overseas governments and trade bodies.

Through its representstives in various committees of the central and state governments, NASSCOM has been promoting the cause of the Indian software and IT industry. Another significant ahievement of the NASSCOM is that it has played a key role by helping the Indian government to develop industry friendly policies. NASSCOM has been actively canvassing for free trade, zero tariff protection, strong intellectual property and data protection laws, deregulation of the telecom market and the creation of software technology parks and private sector participation in the education system. All these initiatives and measures of NASSCOM have immensely helped the IT and BPO industry to grow.

All the initiatives of NASSCOM are centered on promoting the growth of the Indian software industry and enabling the fulfillment of its future goals and aspirations. NASSCOM has been helping the Indian software and service companies to stay ahead of other global players in the market. Some other important NASSCOM initiatives include providing information to the software industry, extracting concessions for the software industry through close alliances with the Indian and overseas Governments. Organizing seminars and workshops to promote Indian IT and software industry is yet another important initiative of NASSCOM.

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