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Being situated in eastern hemisphere, BPO India enjoys a time zone difference advantage. Time zone advantage helps BPO and outsourcing industry in India to work more efficiently.

BPO : Why India : Time Zone Difference

Time Zone Difference

India has an 8-12 hour time zone difference with respect to the US and other developed markets. It is of great advantage in BPO operations, which offers reduced turnaround times, since processing services are performed at night hours in the developed countries. India is able to offer a 24x7 services and reduction in turnaround times by leveraging time zone differences. This difference in time zone is because of India's unique geographic location. When it is day in India, it is night in America and even as we go to bed, they rise and go to work. This time difference has been intelligently brought to their advantage by the call centers/BPOs.

Most of the Indian call centers servicing American customers have timings between 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. This time zone difference benefits not only the Americans but also the Indians. Not only does the time difference allow Indian companies/BPOs/Call centers to service American clients by working in the nights, it also helps in better utilization of their resources. The companies can utilize the same resources to serve other clients in India and abroad during the day. Thus the time zone difference also helps in sharing of resources which, in turn, saves costs and also earns call centers better revenues.

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