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Language is definitely an important factor giving BPO advantage to India. Availability of a large pool of English speaking graduates is helping BPO and outsourcing industry in India to flourish.

BPO : Why India : Language


India definitely enjoys the benefits of a vast pool of skilled workers who are proficient in English language. India produces the largest number of graduates every year and most of these graduates have the knowledge of English language. Thus, language is one of those factors which attract MNCs to contract out their business operations to Indian BPOs and IT companies. Though there are competitors like China which also have a large pool of skilled workers but they don't have enough graduates who have command over English language.

In addition to this the Indian education system also places strong emphasis on mathematics and science. This has resulted into a large number of science and engineering graduates. Mastery over quantitative concepts coupled with English proficiency makes India one of the hot spots of the IT/BPO word. It has enabled the India to take advantage of the current international demand for IT.

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