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The future prospect of BPO in India is great. At present India BPO is ahead of China, one of its BPO rivals. Right now India enjoys outsourcing advantage over China.

BPO : Future Prospects : India Ahead of China

India Ahead of China

At present India is undoubtedly the BPO superpower of the world but there are other strong competitors of India who might spoil India's party. China is one such country which can eat into the BPO share (market) of India. But for the time being India is well ahead of China because of some inherent advantages. India is currently booming in the BPIO arena and has scored over China to emerge as the top offshore destination for Global businesses. In the 2004 offshore index, India remains the star performer. It has once again captured the top spot in outsourcing by a comfortable margin due to its strong mix of low costs and noteworthy depth in human resources. This fact was brought out in a study conducted by AT Kearney, an international consultancy agency.

India proved better than China on account of several factors. The study pointed out that China lags behind India in terms experience and other important factors like IT and management education, language skills, concerns about intellectual property and overall country risk. As per the "2004 Offshore Location Attractiveness Index", which evaluated all countries based on corporate surveys, offshore experience, labor and government initiatives, Malaysia, Czech Republic and Singapore make up the next three countries, after India in outsourcing.

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