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Availability of a large pool of skilled human resources is the most important factor that makes India a hot destination for BPO and outsourcing industry. Skilled manpower benefits India BPO industry to a great extent.

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Human Resources

Availability of suitable human resources is one of those factors which have made India one of the hotspots of BPO/IT industry. India is home to a vast pool of human resources consisting of educated, English speaking, tech-savvy personnel. Every year, approximately 19 million students are enrolled in high schools and 10 million students in pre-graduate degree courses across India. Moreover, 2.1 million graduates and 0.3 million post-graduates pass out of India's non-engineering colleges. These figures very well give the idea of human resources availability in India.

This great pool of human resources holds the key to IT/BPO destination i.e. India. If the flow from high schools to graduate courses increases even marginally, there will be a massive increase in the number of skilled workers available to the IT/BPO industry. If we calculate the availability of human resources at current rates, there will approximately be 17 million people available to the IT industry by the year 2008.

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