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Quality and skilled manpower has gone a long way in making India a BPO hub. Availability of abundance manpower makes India a BPO and outsourcing superpower.

BPO : Why India : Quality Manpower

Quality Manpower

In term of human resources, there are a number of countries who are at an advantageous position but the real difference between them and India is of quality man power. In the field of information technology and computer software India experts have proved their worth beyond doubt. India is rich not only in terms of number of qualified people but the quality of our professionals is also of international level.

Indian programmers are known for their strong technical skills and their eagerness to accommodate and engage clients. In some cases, clients outsource work to get access to more specialized engineering talent, particularly in the area of telecommunications. Expertise in English language is also a great strength of India and it has definitely helped India in increasing its manpower quality.

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