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This short essay on BPO and outsourcing attempts to answer all queries related to the BPO services in India, BPO industry in India, BPO outsourcing, offshore BPO and BPO destination India.

BPO : What is BPO ?

What is BPO ?

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing refers to the rearrangement of entire business functions to some other service providers, mainly in low cost locations. The service provider may be either self-owned or a third party. This relocation or contracting out of business processes to an outside provider is mainly to achieve increased shareholder value.

Some of the general services provided by the BPOs are Receivables and Payables, Inventory Management, Order Processing, Budget Analysis, Cash flow Analysis, Reconciliation, Data Entry, Payroll Processing, QuickBooks Accounting, Financial Statement Preparation and Accounting Services. Some of the web based services include live online sales and order entry, E-commerce transaction support, Live online enquiry handling, Web Design/Development

Here it is important to note that though BPO may include both IT management and business operations. Business operations include relocating functions such as payroll, accounting, billing or even real estate management to a third party. Invariably all these business processes depend on IT but they are separate from hard-core IT operations like data center activities or network administration. An important facet of business process outsourcing is its ability to free corporate executives from some of their day-to-day process management responsibilities and duties.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) involves business process management and outsourcing. Business process management uses technology aimed at redesigning the process, reduce unnecessary steps, and remove redundancies. On the other hand outsourcing uses expertise and resources of dedicated outside service providers to perform many of these vital yet non-core activities. BPO performs both the functions at the same time, thereby speeding implementation and ensuring that the intended benefits really hit the bottom line.

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