The Kiwis welcome the New Year with grand public celebrations that attract people from all over the world.

New Year in New Zealand

The New Year is celebrated with infectious enthusiasm across the pristine island country of New Zealand, which is placed in the azure south-western Pacific Ocean. This picturesque nation is blessed with lush green environs and unparalleled scenic landscapes, which allure travelers to its shores from around the world. However, even if one leaves its natural beauty aside, yet the country is deemed as one of the prime travel destinations round the globe, where one can welcome the New Year in style and with great flamboyance. The country is known for its several hotspots, where grand street parties, electrifying concerts, and various other fun filled outdoor activities are organized to usher the New Year amidst great revelry. Numerous people fly to New Zealand to be a part of these celebrations and immerse themselves in joyous events organized here.

New Year Celebrations in New Zealand
The majority of New Zealanders or Kiwis, as the native population is known, colloquially love to celebrate New Year with huge public parties under the open sky. These colorful and vivacious bashes are attended by thousands of people. Some of the New Year celebrations last for a couple of days and provide a great source of amusement for natives as well as visitors, by including various musical and other entertaining events in them. One of the largest open air concerts on this occasion is held at Gisborne and thousands of people gather here on New Year's Eve, as this is the first place to see the first rising sun of the New Year to shine on the blessed soil of New Zealand.

Around 60,000 people from various towns of New Zealand make a visit to Whangamata during the time of New Year as the region is known for some of the best parties attended by youngsters in large numbers. One of the best firework shows in the country is organized in Auckland. On New Year's Eve, from the top of the Sky Tower, which is considered the tallest tower in all of Southern Hemisphere, fireworks are set off to welcome the New Year in a grand style. Besides these festivities, elaborate and lively beach parties are a common sight along the South Island, Nelson, Takaka, Wanaka, and Queenstown regions of the country. Here, one can enjoy various modern party themes that include many exhilarating performances by musical bands, dance troops, etc. The spectacular natural venues chosen for these parties add a lot of splendor and oomph to the celebrations and make the partying experience special as well as unforgettable.

Besides loud parties and ruckus street gatherings, one can see various other flavors and genres of New Year celebrations in New Zealand; these could be people attending quite prayer ceremonies to show their gratitude to God, for a well spent past year or making wishes and resolutions for the coming year. Those, who like to march to sound off a different drummer, can try out various adventure sports, ranging from heli biking, heli fishing, horse-trekking, and mountain-biking to sky diving, tower-climbing, jet-boating, and kayaking. The Kiwis consider New Year a time to leave behind all the past troubles, miseries, difficulties as well as hard times and begin afresh with renewed hopes. Thus, in New Zealand, one can see people of all ages having a ball, while celebrating this occasion in their own special ways.