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Ashima & Leena are designers who have made it big on fashion circuit in India & abroad. Explore their biography, profile & collection.

Ashima & Leena

Label: Ashima and Leena

The sisters-in-law of the fashion circuit, Ashmina and Leena have made a commendable contribution to the Indian fashion world as well as its international counterpart. The ease with which they work reflects in their designs as well. While Ashima works on the creative frontiers of the business, crafting new designs, Leena takes charge of the merchandising and the management part of it. Being masters of bridal wear and hand embroideries, the duo has acquired great accolades globally and has been dynamic supplier of traditional Indian outfits, with a tinge of modernity added to it. Ashmina and Leena love to play with colors and are widely known for their special color effects. Prominence on class, attention to detail, fabric development and complex, grandiose embroideries are the trademarks of the ingenuity of their brand.

Early Life
Leena is a graduate in English, with Master's in English Literature and a Law degree in Income Tax. Ashima, on the other hand, is a B.Com (Hons) Graduate from Shri Ram College. She passed out from NIFT (2nd Batch), winning 'The Best Student' Award. Leena had started her career as a merchandiser with the Big Joes. In the year 1993, Ashima completed her fashion designing course from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. After completing her education, Ashima started working with Leena at Big Joes and soon became friends.

The friendship between Ashima and Leena paved way to the establishment of their own brand. While the sisters-in-law are purely professional when it comes to their work, the story isn't the same at home. At their dwelling, they turn into perfect housewives, with no discussions about their work. Though they were good friends, Leena was the last to know about the relationship between her brother and Ashima.

Career and Success
Ashima and Leena are among the few designers in the fashion circuit who consistently come out with four collections every year. Their collection is truly conventional in approach and contemporary in styling, giving it the look that the urban bandwagon would love to have it in their wardrobes. The success of the brand started with innumerous fashion shows, both at the national and the international forum. In the year 1997, the fashion show "The Allure of India", which celebrated India's 50 years of Independence, gained them a name in the industry. It depicted the culture and heritage of the different states of India and brought out their ethnicity and the traditions.

Brand and Clientele
Ashima and Leena had the honour of being the designers of Miss India 1999 Gul Panag. They were the first to collaborate with retailers and team up with jewellery designer Paayal Seth, to come up with India's Premier Retail Outlet Kaaya - the store for women in South Delhi. They have exclusive exhibitions in Dubai, U.K, and U.S.A. In India, they have joined hands with Vama & Kimaya in Mumbai. In Delhi, besides retailing from their own studio, they also have their collections in the 'Hottest Fashion Mall'.

The clientele list of Ashima and Leena is well over six thousand people. Their future plans are to open up six stores in U.S.A, starting from New York and San Francisco. They also plan to diversify their work, in collaboration with some of the top business companies, to the stream of interiors as well as accessories. They wish to open an individual mall, which would cater to the needs of the people not only in fashion, but also in other sectors.