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Fashion designer John Galliano is a famous British fashion designer. Read about the history of designer John Galliano.

Fashion Designer John Galliano

The epitome of style and fashion, British fashion designer John Galliano is beautifying people through his designer haute couture clothing. He is a well-known name in the list of French haute couture womenswear designers. His collection has been the pride of many fashion extravaganzas especially the magnificent wedding dresses. Fashion designer John Galliano has the talent of taking people into the fantasy world of fashion and then presenting them glimpses of real artistic styles. This great multifaceted personality came into this world in 1960. Read further to know about the history of designer John Galliano.

His journey of fashion designing started with his admission in St Martins School of Art. In the initial stage of setting career path, he started off as an assistant tailor at the National Theatre. He climbed his first ladder to success with the exhibiting of his maiden collection at the London Fashion Week. Subsequently, he launched his attire collection in the label named after him. In this venture, Peder Bertelsen, a Danish businessman did the needed financial investment. In 1988, he was awarded the title 'Designer of the Year' for his awesome Blanche Dubois variety.

Then there were some ups and downs in his life. He had to witness severe financial crisis with the withdrawal of financial assistance by Peder Bertelsen. But as it is said, bad time doesn't stay for long. "Where there is darkness there is a ray of silver lining." Slowly and steadily John established his foot in the arena of fashion world. He is surely a man of substance who has proved that "Where there is a will, there is a way".