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Monisha Bajaj is one of the most versatile designers of the couture line in India. Learn about her biography, profile and collection.

Monisha Bajaj

Label: Monisha Bajaj

Monisha Bajaj has made quite a name for herself in less than over a decade. Synonymous to being underplayed chic, she has efficiently brought out an innate style for herself. She is one of the most versatile designers of the couture line in India. Essentially a classicist, she believes in bringing the thrill of experimentalism into her design. Using fine detailing, with heritage fabrics, the use of embroidery for textural enhancement and the crafty use of silhouettes that are functional yet feminine, Monisha Bajaj creates fashion with a strong flavor.

Early Life
Monisha Bajaj is one of the leading fashion designers in light couture. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, Los Angeles. She also had a successful term at the Contemporary Design Department at the store Fashion Destination, before returning to India. In 1996, she launched her own label 'Monisha Bajaj'. Following the launch of her label, she presented her solo show at the Park, New Delhi. Going a little further in the next year, she opened her solo store in Defence Colony, New Delhi, named after her.

Career and Success
Monisha Bajaj, in her short span of her career, is credited with a lot of firsts. This includes the decision to come out from the norms of the Indian boundaries and find a place for her designs internationally. Monisha Bajaj had a ramp show at Imperial hotel, for summer '99. The same winter, she created 'Millennium Magic at Manesar', Heritage Village, with an eclectic collection that had folk, traditional and contemporary elements blending well together.

After showcasing her collection at the Dubai Fashion Week in summer 2001, Monisha played host for her Fall Collection 2001 in New York, for a solo showing at a high profile charity event. In the first ever Lakme India Fashion Week, she presented her collection of prêt a porter in a solo show that combined wearable chic with some fine touches. More than a decade since the opening of her solo store in Defence Colony, Monisha has held fashion shows both at the national and international levels.

The designer has gained a lot of admirations for being folklore and traditional in fabric and contemporary and classic in style. She plays with colors, cuts and various wraps, using different techniques in tailoring in her attires. Her designs have met with critical acclaim internationally as well, especially when she had taken her designs to New York, Los Angeles and the other ports abroad. Monisha Bajaj's collections are classic yet contemporary, which suit both the Indian and western markets.

Brand and Clientele
Monisha Bajaj works exclusively to bring out aesthetic outcome in her clothes. Though she has learnt the trade of designing at the western upfront and draws inspiration from Donna Karan and Prada, she still manages to have a clientele that buys her Indian traditional outfits. She retails from most of the premier designer stores in India. Monisha also has a solo store through which she reaches out to exclusively to the general public. She has her share of clients who have, like her, developed a sense of conventionality in contemporary.

Major Shows
March 2000 - Charity show for an NGO at the UK High Commissioner's Residence
February 2001 - Participated in Dubai Fashion Week
July 2001 - Held a charity show in New York, to raise funds for Indian Students in America
Since August 2000 - Regularly participating in the India Fashion Week
May 2002 - Presented her Summer 20002 collection "Indo Hellenica" at Taj Palace Hotel