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Read to know more about the history of New York fashion designer Ralph Lauren who was the first successful American designer.

Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren

In the list of bigwig fashion designers, New York fashion designer Ralph Lauren can be seen shining boldly. It's a name associated with a large array of products like shirt, jeans, perfume, shoes, sunglasses, handbag, paint colors etc. fashion designer Ralph Lauren is a man of style and fashion and knows the art of presenting beautifully. He believes that packaging has a major role to play in attracting the people towards trying out the product. Polo Ralph Lauren is enjoying the high status of a big brand name and has created bizarre amongst the younger generation. This craze can be truly attributed to its exclusively unique styling and attractive presentation. Read on to know more about the history of Ralph Lauren.

This absolutely talented designer was born to a Jewish middle-class family in New York in 1939. From the very beginning he was lured by expensive quality things to get that perfect mod look. Initially, he started off his career as a salesman in two glove companies. Later on, he started designing ties for A. Rivetz & Co, which gave a boost to his career path. It was in the year 1968, when Ralph established his own association called 'Polo Fashions'. Today, Polo label is the most talked about brand, indicative of style, passion and quality.

The specialty about Ralph casual attire is that it is simple and sophisticated, yet elegant and graceful just apt for the professionals. It was once when Polo "power suits" got a cutthroat competition from Armani's stylish suit, but even then this innovative talented Lauren didn't give up. Well, today he has completely set his foot in the international fashion parlance and is all set to rock and roll the world with his splendid designs.