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Paul Smith is a celebrated men's fashion designer from England.

Paul Smith

Birth: July 5, 1946
Place of birth: Beeston, Nottingham.
Couture line: Paul Smith

Credited as the Royal Designer for the Industry (RDI), Paul Smith had made an accidental debut in the world of fashion which in turn established him as the pre-eminent British designer. His interest to be the part of the colorful world of ideas and excitement gave vent to his creativity and his journey to be one of the most celebrated designers for menswear seemed to take him on a new high. He manages to transmit a genuine sense of humor and mischief mixed with his love of tradition and the classics

Early Life
An Englishman by birth, Paul Smith was born on July 5, 1946 in Beeston, Nottingham. Smith took up fashion designing after being injured in a cycling accident. His father was a tailor which laid in him the foundations for a career in fashion. His first employment in that field was as manager of the menswear department of the Birdcage boutique on Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham. He later worked as a buyer for Brown's in London before launching his first shop on Byard Lane, Nottingham in 1970. He was the first designer to open a store on the Floral Street of London's Convent Garden in the year 1979.

Promotions and success
Smith's eclectic collection of designs reflected his own personality. Smith's collections have the trademark multi-colored pinstripe motif somewhere on each item from his brand. International fame touched the designer when his collections which were mainly British in taste were openly accepted in Japan. Smith was knighted as menswear icon after nearly three decade of work by Queen Elizabeth II in the year 2001. He is credited with introducing a number of trends in the fashion world. The revival of boxer shorts and filofax are his works of effort. The success he has met with comes from the fact that he has played his dual role both as a designer and a retailer with perfection.

Brand and clientele
Paul smith started primarily as a designer for men's wear but has expanded his brand to different shores which provide luxury to his clients. The brand today has 12 different lines which works cohesively and offer comfort to the people his brand include Paul Smith, Paul Smith Women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith London, R.Newbold (Japan only), Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoes, Paul Smith Fragrance, Paul Smith Watches, Paul Smith Pens and Paul Smith furniture and 'things'. A converted town-house in Notting Hill which has been operational from 1998 works as his flagship store, but the company's operational heart remains in Floral Street. Paul Smith's collections are wholesaled to thirty five countries and has fourteen shops in England.