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Ashish Soni was the first Indian fashion designer to be called to the New York Fashion Week. Explore his biography, profile & collection.

Ashish Soni

Label: Ashish Soni and as by Ashish Soni
Studio: Ikos

Ashish Soni has attained remarkable success in the global fashion world. Creativity of a designer and traits of an entrepreneur have been beautifully gelled together, which makes him a big name in the industry. His innovativeness has a strong Indian bond that has been well merged with the western education, to give a perfect balance of Indian and western style creations. Ashish Soni's instinctive and inventive style of creating garments makes them an elegant piece of attire. The numerous exposures to the various international forums have refined his artistic skills. He was the first Indian designer to be invited at the Olympus Fashion Week, held in New York.

Early Life
Ashish Soni was one of the 25 students who had been selected from a mass of 7000 applicants for a Bachelor's degree in Design and Clothing technology, from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi. He graduated from NIFT in 1991 and had a whooping start, with the launch of his brand "Ashish Soni" in 1992. Since then, there has been no looking back for this creative soul. In the year 1993, he opened up his own design studio by the name "Ikos".

Career and Success
Though the launch pad of his brand and his own studio were high points of Ashish Soni's career, the biggest turning point was when he organized his solo fashion show. This was a unique achievement, as he was the first Indian designer to have his own show. This was just the beginning of an expedition of success which likely came his way with many more solo fashion shows following its predecessor.

His potential of a class designer was also visible when he showcased his spring/summer collection at the Carlton Tower in London in 1998. The event was in collaboration with BVLGARI. Amongst the religiously followed annual events of Ashish Soni is the inauguration of his Summer Collection every year, at the World Trade Centre, Dubai, for "Fasateen", the biggest retail outlet of High Fashion clothing in the Middle East.

Ashish Soni has also participated in the Festival of India 1996 in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore and in AEPC Road Show held in New York, Paris, and London. In the year 1999, he launched his ready-to-wear-label 'as by Ashish Soni' and was also the only designer selected by the Government of India to present a collection as part of the Millennium Celebrations at Khajuraho. In 2001, Ashish Soni celebrated a decade of being a dynamic contributor to the industry.

To commemorate the event, the designer launched his Flagship store in Delhi. Following this, he launched his store, 'Ashish N Soni Store', at 'The Courtyard', in Mumbai. It can be said to be an update version of Ashish Soni's store in Delhi. His creations also retail in select outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai, Kolkata and Madras. Simplicity and understates elegance characterize the creations and collections of Ashish Soni.

Brand and Clientele
Ashish Soni's creative, yet elegant styles, flawless artistry and enduring fashion statements, in the stream of both attires and accessories, have won him great accolades in the fashion fraternity. His clients include who's who of public figures, media personalities, and leading entrepreneurs. His creations are retailed throughout the country, starting from Carma in New Delhi; Ensemble, Vama and Pyramids in Mumbai; Ffolio in Bangalore and Madras to Ogaan in Kolkata. Overseas, Ashish`s creations can also be found at "Fasateen" in Dubai. His collections are also available at Beams in Japan; Penelope in Italy; Tsum in Russia and Villa Moda in Kuwait.