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Christian Dior was one of the greatest fashion designers from France. Find information on Christian Dior's biography and collection

Christian Dior

Birth: January 21, 1905
Place of birth: France
Couture line: Christian Dior

Christian Dior was a man known for his creative ingeniousness. Coming from a family which dealt with manufacturing chemicals and fertilizers, he streamed right in the opposite direction but quite effectively making a name for himself in the fashion fraternity which conferred him a lot of accolades for his artistic way of dealing with clothes. He was a master of his trade leaving no loose ends to complain about. Though his style was different from the usual, it was this uniqueness which gave him an impetus to make his designs viable globally. He had brought with his designs a revolution in women's attires once again making Paris as a centre of the fashion industry.

Early life
Christian Dior was an influential fashion designer and the founder of the Doir Empire. Born on January 21, 1905 in France, he attended the École des Sciences Politiques to fulfill his parent's wishes. Though his family wished that he would become a diplomat, much to there surprise their child was more interested in art rather than being a diplomat. To make money he used to sell his fashion sketches at 10 cents each. He opened a small art gallery in 1928 from the money he received from his father. But due to the family's financial disaster he was forced to close his gallery and worked with Robert Piguet and later joined the fashion house where he and Pierre Balmain were the primary designers. In 1945 he went into business for himself, backed by Marcel Boussac, the cotton-fabric magnate. He opened his own fashion house in 1946 and presented his first collection by the name "Corolle" which popularly gained the name New Look. Known for his sensual looks given to attires, he was a master in creating shapes and silhouettes. He died on october23, 1957.

Promotions and Success
After his first design, this had already ensured his place in the global forum of fashion, his subsequent designs also made a large impact on the ramp. The H-line in 1954 and the A-line in 1955 became as popular as the first one and people started to look upto him as a source of inspiration. The company expanded not only in terms of stores but also ventured into new forums. After his death his company was managed by his grand daughter who made the company reach new heights. Some of the awards won by the company include:
  • Neiman Marcus award, Dallas in 1947
  • Remise de la legion d'honneur a Christian Dior in 1950
  • Parsons School of Design Distinguished Achievement award, New York in 1956
  • Fashion Industry Foundation award, to the House of Dior, New York in 1990.
Brand and clientele
The brand originally which excelled in apparels have extended its shores to ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, perfumes, make up, ties and other accessories. The brand also comprises of Baby Dior products. The Dior tradition of dealing with beautiful fabrics led to the creation of international merchandising labels for gloves, furs, and jewellery. Dior flagship boutiques are found in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, Seoul, Madrid, Miami, Barcelona, New Delhi, and Shanghai.