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Know about the life and collections of Pierre Cardin, one of the most successful and celebrated fashion icons.

Pierre Cardin

Birth: July 7, 1922
Place of birth: Treviso, France.
Couture line: Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is the most celebrated designer of France. He is regarded among the top fashion designers around the globe today. His designs and his commercial success have made him one of the living legends among French fashion designers. Cardin had a lot of talent which he beautifully refined and made a name for himself in the fashion fraternity. Today the brand is counted among the few top brands in the world. His exquisite designs which have a strong influence of geometrical patterns rather than any female form have created a rage in the fashion fraternity. Cardin was known for his avant-garde style and his space age designs.

Early life
Pierre Cardin was born on July 7, 1922 in Treviso. He is an Italian born French fashion designer. It was in 1945 when he moved to Paris and started working with Jeanne Paquin as he had completed studying architecture. Then he worked with Schiaparelli, followed by Jean Cocteau and Christian Bernard. Cardin was offered work as the head of Christian Dior atelier in the year 1947 but was denied work at Balenciaga. It was in 1950 when he launched his own house and began with his Haute Couture collection in 1953. In the year 1959 he was expelled from the Chambre Syndicate for launching hid ready-to-wear collections for the Printemps department store as the first couturier in Paris, but was soon reinstated. Nonetheless, he resigned from the Chambre Syndicale in 1966 and started showing his collections in his own venue, the Espace Cardin (opened 1971) in Paris, formerly the Théâtre des Ambassadeurs, near the American Embassy. The Espace Cardin is also used to promote new artistic talents, like theater ensembles, musicians and others.

Promotions and success
Pierre Cardin was the first couturier to turn to Japan as a high fashion market when he traveled there in 1959. After meting out with success in his haute couture venture Cardin expanded into other markets which included his contract with the American Motors to design the interiors of the cars in the years 1972 and 1973. He also purchased Maxim's restaurants in 1981 and soon opened its branches in New York, London, and Beijing (1983). A chain of Maxim's Hotels are now included in the assets. Cardin has also licensed a wide range of food products under that name.
  • In 1973, Cardin received the Basilica Palladiana Award for the most successful Venetian that year.
  • In 1974, Cardin was awarded the EUR Award, which is the equivalent of an Italian Academy Award, for his varied and successful enterprises in the world of entertainment.
  • In 1977, Cardin received the Golden Thimble of French Haute-Couture Award, made by Cartier, as designing the most creative collection of the season. He would go on to win this award two more times, once in 1979 and again in 1982.
  • It was also in 1977 that he purchased the Maxim's chain of stores and turned them into a unique line of boutiques to sell his designs.
  • In 1985, Cardin was awarded the Fashion Oscar at the Paris Opera and later, was named as a Commander of the Order of Merit by the President of France.
  • In 1988 he was awarded the Grand Order of Merit by the Italian Republic
  • In the year 1991 he was made the Honorary Ambassador to UNESCO. He designed jewellery and a Chernobyl medal which were sold for the benefit of UNESCO.
  • In 1992 Pierre Cardin was made a member of the Academie Francaise.
  • In 1996, Cardin was awarded the France-Italie Prize by the Italian chamber of commerce in France.
  • In January of 1997, Cardin was decorated as a Commander of the Legion of Honor in France, that nation's highest honor.
Brand and clientele
The brand which started with the Haute Couture collection has excelled in the other sectors as well. It has equivalently produced great collections in fragrance, luggage, baby care, watches, kids wear, footwear and hats. His unisex fashion was characterized as experimental in nature and not practical in reality. Cardin also boasts of a chain of restaurants Maxim's which has opened several branches after being taken over. Pierre Cardin has a long list of clientele all over the globe.