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Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger

This talented man is a well renowned personality and has acquired the commanding position of a top class fashion designer. This menswear fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger's classic clothing collection is absolutely fantastic. People are simply crazy about the 'Tommy Hilfiger' brand. He is the most versatile star of this glamour world. He was awarded the title of 'Menswear Designer of the Year' as a token of appreciation of his awesome work. Well, the history of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is a long journey with lot of twists and turns.

This multifaceted personality came into this world in 1951.He did his graduation from Elmira Free Academy, New York. As a child only fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger was very clear about his career. Instead of pursuing further studies, he preferred to work. His career started off with the launching of his own fashion store named "The People's Place" in New York. Initially, he began with fashion retailing but could not acquire much success. It turned out to be a flop leading to bankruptcy. That was the hard phase of his life. But he did not give up.

It was only after that, he began afresh and started off as a budding fashion designer. In 1984, he established his own enterprise called NYSE:TOM where he displayed his maiden menswear collection. With this association he started realizing his dreams. By 2004, he earned both name and fame. The company boomed and turnover shooted, touching nearly $1.8 billion. He has made real big in life and is all set to make a difference in the stream of fashion designing.