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Know about the life and collection of the celebrated fashion designer Maria Ricci.

Maria Ricci

Birth: 1883
Place of birth: Turin, Italy
Couture line: Nina Ricci

Maria (Nina) Ricci had much of the start she required in her early days. A renowned designer, Nina endowed almost all her life in the creative field designing for women. Being Italian by birth and French by upbringing Nina was known to create a refined and romantic collection which creates a feminine aspect in all her collections. The brand is synonymous to providing luxury products and is high on mixing the right kind of fabric required to create the desired effect.

Early life
Born in Turin, Italy in the year 1883, Maria Nielle moved to Florence with her family at 5 and then to France in 1895 when she was12. It was only at the tender age of 13 that she started with her career in fashion working as an apprenticeship at a dressmaker. She continued with her passion for designing in her teen years as well. Maria married jeweler Luigi Ricci in the year 1904. It was on her 50th birthday that she decided to start her own brand. While she was the creative head of the company "Nina Ricci" her son Robert with his entrepreneurial skills managed the business and finance of the organization. With the exquisitely used fabrics and elegant cuts Nina soon became a famous designer known to give the refined and romantic feel to the attires. When she was 70 she resorted from an active role in design, choosing to just keep an eye on the house. Maria Ricci died on November 30, 1970 at the age of 88.

Promotions and Success
The brand which has acquired a place for itself in the fashion fraternity has gradually moved ahead to build its reputation. When it received the recognition in the fashion world it started of with other luxury products and achieved success in even them. The brand came up with a magical fragrance called "L'Air du Temps", that became one of French perfumery's great classics. Appointment of young designers brought in a new impetus to the brand name. Robert also set up a factory to produce perfumes. This model factory had all the advanced technology with traditional perfumery methods, has since then assured worldwide production of all NINA RICCI perfumes. The brand has operates through its stores which are spread globally and through its online

Brand and Clientele
The brand started as an apparel designing company but with success and acceptance it grew in its stature as well as its services. Today Nina Ricci brand offers ready to wear clothes, leather goods, fashion accessories, lingerie, men's line, perfumes, beauty and skincare and make up products as well. The brand has its headquarters in Paris which comprise of a five storey building comprising of offices, design studios and workrooms, boutiques, salons and several showrooms. The brand also has its store in all the major cities of the world such as France, Japan, Paris, Singapore, Philippines, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Germany, etc.