Give a pleasant surprise to your father by preparing a cake for him on father's day.

Father's Day Cake

Father's Day is the perfect day to convey your heartfelt thoughts and feelings for your lovely dad. It is that time of the year when you get an opportunity to let him know how much you appreciate and respect him. It was he who took your finger and helped you take your first step. Right from your birth to your present, your father has made numerous sacrifices and undergone several hurdles to bring out the best in you, so that you turn into a responsible and prosperous adult. With an auspicious occasion like Father's Day, you have a golden chance to pay back some of the undying love and care that he has always bestowed upon you. This day allows you to bridge the gap between you and your father and strengthen the bond even more.

As this delightful occasion draws closer, you must have been making plans and preparations to celebrate the day with a bash. While you have organized a grand surprise party for him inviting all his friends and family members, nothing will excite him more than a thoughtful meal prepared just by you. Men always crave for homemade food and this day is just perfect to delight him all the more. Starting the celebration with a Father's Day cake is by far the best way to make the day special for your daddy dearest. Let everyone know your feelings and gratitude towards your dad with a delicious cake baked at home. If you are mystified about the kind of cake you wish to bake on this day, this section would be of great help. Read on and pick up a cake recipe that hopes to satiate your Father's sweet tooth.

Cheese Cake Recipe
With an occasion that revolves around fathers, children make all efforts to thank their fathers for all the love, care, and affection that they have conferred upon through all these years. You too can add to the festivity of the day by baking some yummy and lip-smacking cake, just for your papa.

Coffee Cake Recipe
With Father's Day drawing closer, you would obviously want to honor and respect your father to the fullest. You would want to express your love and affection for him which usually lies embedded somewhere in your heart. Amuse your dad with a delicious and scrumptious slice of coffee cake prepared by you at home.

Pineapple Cake Recipe
To begin with, men have always loved food and yearned for different varieties. Since it is a special day, you can treat your father with a delicious and succulent pineapple cake, which he would love to gorge on. Given here are two recipes for baking a fresh and yummy pineapple cake.