Eating bread with your near and dear ones strengthens the personal bond. This Father's Day prepare dinner for your father and enjoy the meal with him.

Father's Day Dinner Recipes

One of the most special and revered people our lives include fathers. They play several roles in our lives, right from a friend to guide to mentor to role model. They love and care for us unconditionally without any thing in return. Such is the value of a father that the festival calendar has included a day dedicated to fathers. Father's Day is celebrated across the world with much pomp and galore on the third Sunday of June by US and some other countries, though most of them have their individual dates assigned for this occasion. Whatever is the date, children observe this wonderful occasion with dedication and enthusiasm to delight their father.

To mark the celebration, gift stores and markets too are not left behind as they can be seen flooded with a large assortment of gifts and accessories, especially for Father's Day. With so many options available, picking up the best one to express your feelings for your father becomes quite confusing. Nevertheless, after your dad returns home from a tiring working day, you can surprise him with a dinner cooked just by you. Not only will this astonish your father, but he is sure to leave back all the worries and tensions for quite some time. For the most appealing and tempting dinner, we have listed three dinner recipes in this section. Go through them and see which one seems to be more mouth-watering and delectable.

Hyderabadi Biryani Recipe
While the rest of the kids are busy making continental and foreign dishes, switch to Indian cuisines with the famous Hyderabadi biryani. Hyderabadi biryani is sure to add more stars to your Father's Day celebration. By learning how to make this lip-smacking and luscious delicacy, you can steal your dad's heart and gift him a dinner that he will remember for lifetime. Know how to make Hyderabadi biryani by browsing through the following simple instructions.

Roasted Chicken Recipe
While some children resolve to present flowers and gifts to their dad, others prepare gifts at home weeks before its arrival. Some, on the other hand, try their hands on cooking up their dad's favorite dish. If your father is a chicken aficionado, then he would love to gorge on juicy and luscious roasted chicken. Go through the following lines for roasted chicken recipes.

Sweet Potato Casserole
Father's Day is approaching soon and you would obviously want to treat your father with the best food on the house. This delectable and mouth-watering accompaniment is sure to lift the entire mood of enjoying a family dinner on this delightful day. Moreover, your dad will be surprised and astonished to see you prepare this dish, and not your mom.