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Read about the popular feng shui symbol the 'Lucky Bamboo' Plant.

Feng Shui 'Lucky Bamboo'

Over the past few years feng shui has been gaining popularity in India and many other countries. Native to Chinese traditions, feng shui has gained followers all over the world. Today, in home decor shops there are numerous feng shui products available. These products can be used for dual purposes. One, they can serve as home decor products and two can be used because of the feng shui elements that they contain. Things like the Laughing Buddha, three coins, the 'Lucky Bamboo', etc. have gained immense popularity. These products are the most commonly given gifts for house warming ceremonies and other such events. They are believed to bring luck and prosperity to the one to whom it is gifted. Another feature of feng shui that has made it such a popular gift is that it is more effective when gifted to someone than when buying for oneself. Among the various products the "'Lucky Bamboo'" has become the most popular feng shui product in the market. Read on!
  • It is said that the bamboo is luckiest when you receive it as a gift. It does not mean that you cannot buy one, just consider the bamboo a gift from you to your house or office.
  • The bamboo plant symbolizes luck and success because of its ability to grow quickly.
  • It is recommended by feng shui practitioners to improve the energy quality in the house and helps to give a person more energy to face today's stressful life.
  • As the plant symbolizes good luck, people believe that it will bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to the house, business and the people they love. It is believed that a bamboo will activate stagnated energy where it is placed and spread it all around.
  • Bamboo is flexible and enduring and thus becomes the symbol of ability to move with time and adapt to the changes in life. It is believed that bamboo plants kept in homes and offices will aid growth in all aspects of life.
  • These plants protect the occupants of the house from unseen forces.
  • The bamboo plant is very easy to maintain as well. It is tough and resilient and does not require direct sunlight and can grow in any room where sunlight is scare. The plant grows very well indoors. All it needs is water at regular intervals. You need to add clean water to the plant; this is all the care it needs.
  • "Lucky Bamboo" is believed to possess potential to turn the ambience of your house into a pleasing and welcoming one. After a stressful day what else can be more helpful?
  • The bamboo plant comes with specific stalks for specific purposes. Three stalks are considered good for happiness, five are for health, two for love and eight for wealth. The most used ones are the one with nine stalks, they are considered to be overall bringers of goodness and prosperity in the owner's life.
  • The bamboo tree has all the five elements considered sacred and necessary in feng shui. These are: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal. Each of them stands to serve a specific function.
  • Any ordinary feng shui 'Lucky Bamboo' will have pebbles or a sprinkle of earth at the bottom of the plant. This stands for earth.
  • Either you can pour a little water onto the bamboo plant or employ artificial small globules or blue gel balls placed as representatives of water.
  • Fire is represented by colors such as red, burgundy, maroon or pink. The pot and/or the adornment should include one or more of these colors. So check for these before buying a bamboo plant.
  • Metal should be included in the plant for effective results.

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