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Read information on making a small feng shui garden in the terrace of your apartment.

Feng Shui Terrace Garden

"Feng" and "Shui" literally mean "wind" and "water". The term, as it is, suggests what it deals with. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese combination of art and science, which largely makes use of natural elements to create a positive atmosphere around all earthly beings. Owing to this fact, many people made it a point to have a feng shui garden to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to their homes. However, those living in small houses or small apartments, especially in a city, may find it hard to arrange for a garden space. In such cases, you can use the little place you have and introduce a small feng shui garden in your apartment. Placing plants on a patio, terrace and balcony or at the doorway attracts positive chi, which will improve your life. Here are a few tips on how to grow a feng shui garden in your apartment:
  • You may not have the space to install a garden, but may certainly have the space to install window boxes. Once you install window boxes, you can grow plants in them. You can also plant bright seasonal flowers. This will attract positive chi. However, ensure that you do choose plants and flowers with care; they must not be the kinds that require a lot of maintenance. If this is the case, cleaning and pruning window boxes can be quite a task!
  • The entrance to your house welcomes not just your guests but also all kinds of energies. Keep potted plants at the threshold. This will draw positive energy into your house. You can also keep potted plants in different rooms of your apartment. It is believed that plants with coin or round-shaped leaves serve this purpose best.
  • When it comes to gardening, the sky is the limit. You need not use only the ground for planting. You can use your window sills, your walls and even the ceiling! Grow plants in hanging baskets and then hang them in your terrace or balcony.
  • Never ever have a feng shui garden that looks dark at any point of time. Feng shui preaches that light colors always bring positive energies. So, if your apartment has a sunny space, then grow bright and colorful flowers there. It will balance the dark interiors of your apartment.
  • If you're a nature lover, then, feng shui will treat your eyes with earthy elements right within your very own home. You can have real plants and fresh flowers in your bedroom, kitchen, lounge, dining room... wherever you want! Feng shui requires that you are as close to nature as possible. You can put together a beautiful combination of pebbles, wood and plants inside your apartment. This will balance the energy of yin and yang.
  • "Shui" means "water", doesn't it? Yes it does! You can install a small indoor fountain, if there's enough space in your garden! Make a small indoor fountain and arrange ferns and small potted plants around it.
  • All decorative items are not just decorative items. They are more than what they seem to be. Sculptures and wind chimes attract positive energies! So, go on and use them in your apartment to attract and stimulate positive chi.
Follow these simple feng shui ideas to create a small garden in your apartment. You will be amazed at the improvement that it will bring about in the quality of your life.

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