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Find out how to use feng shui in your bathroom.

Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng shui has laid down many useful tips on how you should place various commodities in your bathroom. According to feng shui, the direction your bathroom faces and the various things kept in your bathroom in various positions can have significant effects on your wealth, health and relationship. A bathroom is the room for wealth and a dirty and cluttered bathroom can make you poor. You must remember to place your bathroom correctly in your house. A bathroom in the middle of the house can have adverse effects on the health of your family members. Bathrooms that are clean, well organized and in good shape, encourage the free flow of energy leading to prosperity in the household. Ensure that your bathroom is not draining chi away from other wealth areas such as a home office or study and place a mirror in the bathroom in such a way that the person in the shower can see the bathroom door clearly. Read on to know how to place right things in the right way in your bathroom.

Feng Shui Bathroom Ideas
  • Bathrooms should face north, the direction of water, according to feng shui that is. The north is also the direction of malevolent spirits and hence helps you to evade any accidents since bathrooms are considered to be prone to accidents and mishaps.
  • Choosing the right color for your bathroom will ensure that the right energies circulate in it .Keeping this in mind, blue and black, the colors denoting water are ideal for bathrooms, shower rooms, vanities and toilets.
  • Bathrooms often get slippery and dangerous for small children hence should also be thoroughly protected and extra measures to make them safe for children and the elderly should be taken.
  • Bathrooms should be devoid of any sharp objects. Non-skid surfaces are preferable. The free flow of chi in the bathroom is necessary. Open windows will help ensure this.
  • To make your bathroom look more attractive, use mirrors and feng shui crystals.
  • Other precautions include installing the octagonal Bagwa mirror on the door, especially if it opens outward. It helps to trap all the positive energies and diffuse them inside the house.
  • Keep the lid of the toilet seat down when not in use and keep the toilet door closed.
  • Pipes of the bathroom should be maintained in good working condition. Clean them occasionally to prevent clogging.
  • Sinks and bathtub drains should be kept covered because feng shui believes that it will help to stop your money from going down the drain.
  • Lucky Bamboo, a popular feng shui product reflected in the mirror is considered lucky too.
  • A screen between the toilet area and shower area is desirable.
  • Decorated baths and good quality towels make you prosperous and healthy.
  • You can also keep fresh flowers and plants in the bath to keep chi vibrant and fresh.
Avoid clutter and never ever bring things from the kitchen into the bathroom. One needs to remove waste; dead and stagnant energy that gets blocked here and cleaning with natural cleaners can help you to keep chi fresh in this area of your home. More natural light is preferable, but you shouldn't be compromising with your privacy!

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