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Read about how to feng shui your entranceways, doorways and entrance hall.

Feng Shui Entranceways

"Feng" and "Shui" mean "wind" and "water", respectively. The term suggests what it deals with. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese combination of art and science, makes use of natural elements to maintain positive chi/energy all around earthly beings. Feng shui always concentrates on keeping humans in close touch with the nature. As a result, those who believe in feng shui always make it a point to have touches of nature in and around their homes. One of the most important steps to be followed while organizing feng shui for your home is to organize the entrance way properly. It is important for chi to flow through your house from the front to the back without any obstructions. It is best when chi flows through a meandering path into your house and not in a straight line. Chi will flow through the entrance from the street or from the garden into your front door. This path will determine the quality of the chi that flows into your house. Given below are certain tips to ensure that positive chi fills your house:
  • It is important that chi flows in a curved manner, therefore curved pathways or garden beds will help. You can relay pavers for curved lines that will allow chi to meander into your house.
  • Through feng shui, you will not only be able to control the direction of energy flow but also enhance its power and quality! A birdbath and even a small pond in the garden have the ability to enhance the quality of positive chi.
  • The main entranceway of your house should be of the right size. If the doorway is too big then chi will easily escape from the house. The problem can be remedied by placing a wind chime outside the door. This will prevent Sha or negative energy from entering your house. If the doorway of your house is too small it will not allow chi to enter the house. To correct this problem place a mirror on the wall opposite the door or on either side of the door.
  • If the back door is visible from the front door, then chi will enter through the front door and flow straight out of the back door without circulating inside the house. Place a tall potted plant or a screen between the two doors to prevent chi from flowing in a straight line. Doing this will deflect chi and allow it to circulate within the house.
  • The entrance hall is important in feng shui. It is the place where a person might linger when one enters the house or before leaving the house. One gets energy from the chi that is flowing through this space. If the entrance hall has no doors or windows and is enclosed, then it can lead to stagnant chi. A mirror, a small fountain or a ceiling fan can solve this problem.
Your doorway welcomes more than just your guests! Remember, with feng shui, your doorway can welcome health, wealth and prosperity to your home.

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