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Read about feng shui prosperity and wealth symbols and where to place them in home.

Feng Shui Symbols

Feng shui is popularly known as an ancient science, which unlocks the key to good health, wealth and prosperity in our earthly lives. Though there is more to feng shui than meets the eye and it calls for mastery at times, it can also be highly useful for the common man, as the principles involved are fairly simple and require common sense. In feng shui, there are many symbols that bring good luck and good fortune. Certain traditional/classical schools of feng shui use many symbols for bringing prosperity. For examples, Mandarin Ducks stand for love and marriage, the Tortoise symbolizes protection and stability, while the Koi Fish stands for abundance. Placing these objects in the house can bring you good luck. Some symbols have to be placed in specific positions within the house. Given below are a few details on feng shui objects that can bring prosperity, and maybe that's what you need in your life.
  • Good Luck Coins: Gifting someone three coins tied with a red ribbon represents sharing wealth and luck. This act brings good luck and positive feng shui to both the giver and the receiver.
  • Three-Legged Moon Frog: The three-legged frog, with a coin in its mouth, should be placed inside at the front of your house and should face the house. This will improve your luck and prosperity. This is a very important symbol of wealth and fortune. This symbol is also associated with long life.
  • Dragon Turtle: A golden dragon turtle will make your business prosperous and improve relationships with those around you. Place a golden dragon turtle in the prosperity corner (South-East) of your office facing the door. This feng shui symbol is the best representative of a long and prosperous life.
  • Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection: This is a unique feng shui statue. On one side of this two sided cat, the cat is smiling and holing out its left paw up which represents good fortune and attracts money. On the other side the cat is frowning and is holding a broom in its paw. This side symbolizes protection and the broom is used to sweep away your troubles.
  • Golden Pigs: A pair of golden pigs brings great prosperity and happiness to a household. This is a symbol of honesty, initiative and diligence. It is best to use golden pigs when you are setting up a business or a new home.
  • The Three Star Gods: The Three Star Gods are the most sacred of all feng shui deities since they represent 'Health, Wealth and Longevity'.
  • Bells: Hang small metal bells outside your door and ensure that they face the north and the west. Bells bring in prosperity. You can place bells, made of crystal and ceramic, in other parts of the house.
  • Wealth Bucket: Fill a container made of metal with coins and place it in the North West corner of your home or office. Do not display the container; keep the container inside a cabinet or draw.
  • Indoor Plants: Place indoor plants in the south east corner of your home to increase wealth.
  • Fish: According to feng shui goldfish are descendants of Koi Carp and can live for over a hundred years. Placing three gold fish in a bowl brings prosperity. It is believed that statues or pictures of eight Koi Carp can also bring good fortune into your home or business.
Did you notice that most symbols have objects from nature? Using real natural elements and representations of them in and around your house, in the right way, is basically what feng shui symbols are all about.

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