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Read about feng shui ideas for your kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that believes that a structure if built in a correct way can ensure that your house will trap maximum positive energies that can be used for the benefits for the people residing in that building. Similarly if one is careful about the colors that are used in each room and the way furniture is placed in various rooms' negative energy can be warded off. If not arranged properly, it can cause harm to the people residing in the house. Like many other rooms feng shui has come up with easy ways to help you build your kitchen. Place appliances in the right place so that they give optimum benefits to you and your family. Also, the fact that the kitchen is the hub where food is cooked makes it responsible for the health conditions of your family. Hence, extra precaution must be taken while arranging things in your kitchen. Read on to know more about what all you should remember when putting together a 'feng shui' kitchen.

Feng Shui Ideas For Kitchen
  • You should build your kitchen in such a way that it should not be facing the north. The Chinese believe that evil spirits come from the north and if the kitchen is north facing then there are greater chances of accidents occurring in the kitchen.
  • However, if you are shifting to an already built house or if your house has a kitchen that faces the north then you can hang wind chimes and crystals from the windows and doorways to counter negative effects.
  • The kitchen sink signifies water and the kitchen stove represents fire. It would be best if both of these were not placed next to each other in the kitchen.
  • The stove in the kitchen should be positioned in such a way that you can see anyone entering the kitchen.
  • While you are placing your stove keep in mind that when you stand in front of it your back should not be to the door while you are cooking.
  • However, if you cannot do that and your back just has to face the door you can try placing a mirror on top of the stove. This will allow the person who is cooking to see if anyone is entering the kitchen.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and well lit especially around the stove. The area around the stove should be well lit and well ventilated. The will help reduce Sha Chi.
  • There are specific colors that are suitable for the kitchen and feng shui recommends these. White is the best color for your kitchen. White signifies purity and promotes good health and will ensure that food cooked is pure.
  • Refrain from using colors like red, dark blue or green. They produce negative energy.
  • Cutlery should not be stored in areas where there is stagnant energy. Sharp objects have negative energy and will affect your health. Put cutlery in a drawer closest to the door or close to a window.
  • It is not good to have a toilet near the kitchen since it produces negative energy. If there is a toilet keep the door closed and the toilet seat down and place a Bagwa on the toilet door.
  • Also make sure that your main entrance door is not directly aligned to your kitchen door. If it is already built this way you can counter the effects by adding a bead curtain to the entrance of the kitchen.
The kitchen is the heart of any house. The food cooked here should benefit the members of the house and hence these tips will ensure that your kitchen is clean and built to give maximum health benefits to your family.

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